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Local DJ just dropped in! #CommunityOverCompetition This kids legit!! #StayDetermined

0 0 Sep 21, 2018

Shop opens tomorrow at 10 am EST and you can still join the Facebook group for an early access password or subscribe to our emails!! Looking forward to an amazing launch day!! 🤩

4 1 Sep 21, 2018

"Ok, Jason & Melaina, I get it, I should post more than just pictures of the products I make/sell. But do I really have to post selfies? Do I really need to talk about myself?" Listen, friend, we get it. Posting pictures of yourself is intimidating. We're professional photographers and still act like Ricky Bobby whenever we find ourselves in front of the camera. (Please tell me you got that reference, right?) And it's hard to figure out what to share about yourself and why talking about the shows you watch or the chocolate you keep in your desk for a mid-day pick-me-up is at all important for your business. But here's a little hard truth for us and you today- It no longer cuts it to just share your business and expect people to knock down your doors to buy. EVERY.SINGLE.MARKET is too saturated. If people could buy jewelry, or essential oils, or hair care products, or design services, or exercise programs, or even photography from literally hundreds of people, why should they buy from you? What makes you stand apart in a sea of people doing the same thing you're doing? The answer is YOU. YOU are the difference. Your personality, your story, your favorite shows or food that connect with others who share the same- ALL of that sets you a part. All of that makes you known by your audience, makes them feel connected to you like you're their friend, and make them trust you enough to chose you over the sea of others. So post those selfies! Show your face periodically on your feeds. Tell that funny story about your craving for chocolate or talk about your thoughts on a new movie or show or book. Today, sit down and think through a handful of things that make you YOU that you'd feel comfortable sharing with your audience. And then SHARE them. What's holding you back from sharing you on your feed? Tell us below and let's problem-solve this together!

1 1 Sep 21, 2018

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. 🌾 CAN YOU TAKE JUST THE FIRST STEP IN BELIEVING FOR BREAKTHROUGH IN YOUR LIFE? ARE YOU READY FOR A FRESH START? 🌾 Comment the “🙌” Emoji If You’re With Us!

6 1 Sep 21, 2018

They saw all the fish swimming below the bridge.. had to stop and check them out.. the water was really low that day so you could see them all so well. Cool enough to make him stop and not look at pokemon go for a few mins 😂🙄 Don't judge me lol😉 I rarely let him play on my phone... and he reminds me of that everyday 😁 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #centralillinoisphotographer #amandaharperphotos #bloomingtonnormalphotographer #thephotographerwithin #dearestphotographer #documentyourdays #childhoodunplugged #candidchildhood #letthembelittle #kindredmemories #littlefierceones #momswithcameras #mytinymoments #simplychildren #jj_kids #foreverchildhood #justgoshoot #momtogs #littleandbrave #myclickstory #oureverydaymoments #umh_kids #ourcandidlife #lifewellcaptured #the_sugar_jar  #shootandshare #great_captures_children #shootandshare #magicofchildhood #communityovercompetition

3 0 Sep 21, 2018

Stop that scroll for a sec. Can I just say, THANK YOU!? It has been such an honor to serve you the last few years. I strive to bring you the best planner to help you live your best life. The best planner is the one that's used and I can honestly tell you it's the only planner I've consistently used because it's FUNCTIONAL! and it WORKS!⠀ I used to have a planner, random notebooks for meal planning and budgeting, scraps of paper everywhere trying to keep track of everything.⠀ No more!⠀ That's exactly why I created the Purposeful Planner in the first place. I believe that you were created on purpose and for a purpose. But often life gets in the way and we have to do our part at creating margin to actually live our purpose out. The Purposeful Planner is a tool to help you do that. To give you a place to plan your LIFE. Your health, your home, your finances, and your time.⠀ Thank you for the privilege of serving you. It truly is one of my greatest joys!⠀ What's your favorite thing about the Purposeful Planner? . . 📷 brendamariewinburn

3 1 Sep 21, 2018

Brady likes my new office chairs 😍 #emeraldgreen #powercolor #cockapoosofinstagram #statesvillechair #vintage

6 1 Sep 21, 2018

Everyone go check out bronze_bunz for your next spray tan 😍

5 2 Sep 21, 2018

Cutting boards are my go-to accessory to display on kitchen counters. 🙌🏻They’re cute, functional and add that rustic flare that I love so much! If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your kitchen, definitely give this tip a try! What are your favorite kitchen accessories to put on display? ⠀ .⠀ P.S. They'll look even more gorgeous if you pair it with a gorgeous marble backsplash like this beauty from thetileshop! 🤗 #almahomes #thetonkahouse ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #minnestagrammers #mnblogger #twincitiesbloggers #mninteriordesign #communityovercompetition #theeverydaygirl #smmakelifebeautiful #mysmphome #kitchen #kitchendesign #kitchendecor #kitcheninspo #howyouhome #interiordesign #decorcrushing #marble #marblebacksplash #kitchenbacksplash #rusticdecor #rusticdesign #farmhousekitchen #farmhousestyle #howyouhome #nestworthy #howwedwell #kitchenaccessories

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In my line of work, if you win, I win. 💪🏽 - However, this isn't the sentiment of every entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurship is difficult and comparison is sometimes unavoidable, but wasting time on negativity towards another's success, is just that. A waste of time. Celebrate their success and focus on your own. Use their success as inspiration. And if you've made it to the other side, don't forget to mentor and empower others on their way to the top. The sun shines for everyone. ☀️ / En mi línea de trabajo, si tú ganas, yo gano. 💪🏽 - Sin embargo, este no es el sentimiento de cada emprendedor. El emprendimiento es dificil y la comparación a veces es inevitable, pero perder el tiempo en la negatividad hacia el éxito de los demás es solo eso. Una pérdida de tiempo. Celebra su éxito y concéntrate en el tuyo. Usa su éxito como inspiración. Y si has llegado al otro lado, no olvides ser mentor y empoderar a otros en su camino a la cima. El sol brilla para todos. ☀️ - - - - - - - - - - - - - #communityovercompetition #bettertogether #networking #consciousliving

13 2 Sep 21, 2018

Who can relate?! I'm starting to think about my birth plan lately and one thing I definitely want to do is use oils in the delivery room. I've been getting info from my sweet friend ashleymckenney I'm thinking lavender, jasmine, and clary sage. Did any of you mama's use oils? If you want more info on oils, are looking to purchase, or to join an oily team, ashleymckenney is an amazing resource! She's a diamond leader in the company with 35K+ on her team😁 Check out her page! #honestmotherhood #oilymama #toxinfreeliving

22 1 Sep 21, 2018

Sending love to all the past and present fall brides! 💕 Currently one guestbook is drying, one is being designed, and a ceremony sign & love story item are almost on the next step! Happy, busy wedding gal over here! ✨❣️🌸This sign was for the ring bearer of last Saturday’s wedding! 🐻💍 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #Catherineandeviedecor #catherineandevie #signmaker #handmade #mycreativebiz #gift #makersmovement #makersgonnamake #handmadegift #etsy #etsyshop #supporthandmade #girlboss #wood #wooddecor #customgifts #shoplocal #homedecor #customsigns #madewithlove #phillymade #girlswithtools #communityovercompetition #herecomesthebride

10 0 Sep 21, 2018

In between the weddings, image editing, and oldest-daughter-to-college excitement has been this little adventure - the launching of Bustle & Wed. After 5 years of planning and dreaming, we've done it, and I can't believe how much more wonderful it is in reality than we even imagined. It's a wedding studio: for wedding vendor members to work, collaborate, meet with their clients, and just feel inspired. And it's a lifestyle design boutique: to bring cozy comfort and love to your home after the wedding and onward. You'll find me there most days, so stop by the say hello anytime. Grand Opening party planning is in full swing, so click over and follow to join the list! bustleandwed . . . #bustleandwed #weddingstudio #collaborate #communityovercompetition #coworking #wedding #napawedding #sonomawedding #winecountrywedding

5 0 Sep 21, 2018

Late night work tunes. #nobodyputsbabyinacorner

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