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New series called "soaked to the bone" inspired by adamlambert "soaked" #mood #feelings #canonphotography #canon #bringit #art #canon60d #vsco #vscocam #edit #lightroom #contrast #soaked #blackandwhite

10 0 Oct 22, 2017

24 horas menos/más. #buenosaires #argentina #sunset

11 1 Oct 22, 2017

“That’s a beautiful view, isn’t it?” This is what some guy asked me while I have been taking this picture. // SF 🌁🇺🇸 #shotoniphone

1 2 Oct 22, 2017

NTUC Fairprice supermarket, one of three supermarkets within a stone's throw from each other, as seen from the front in the evening. This area is bustling with people at all times of the day, other than late in the night. This image was made with the Voigtlander 10mm lens, the only lens where I could fit the entire width of the building into a single frame. This image is part of a project of mine on documenting Bedok, an area I have lived in since 1993. You can see more of the project, which is ongoing, on my FB page,

11 2 Oct 22, 2017


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