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regram iameva1 HEELS OVER HEAD Benefits of Handstand- 1. Building Core Strength 2. Strengthening Your Upper Body 3. Stimulating The Endocrine System 4. Increased Grip Strength 5. Reduced Stress & Increased Happiness 6. Increased Musculoskeletal Health Stay Cleanse, Holy Cleansed.🙏

19 1 Apr 24, 2018

Today is Day 2 for #SpringBinds And we have #boundwarrior . I am doind REVOLVED BOUND SIDE ANGLE POSE / PETITE BADDHA PARSVAKONASANA . According Power Yoga Guru Bryan Kest, this pose is real power pose! I really love this pose a lot ! Because I love all twist and it is added with bind!!💖 . Beautiful pose stretches and strengthens the entire body, Opens the shoulders and chest, Tones the lower body, improves stamina as well digestion! So many benefits!💖 Wow!!😙 . Love it!😙 . 🌸Hosts: yogajosey stelasulzdorf  amy.yogini supyogawithkarine 🌸🌸🌸 . . Sponsors: dharmabumsactive liquidoactive yogisurprise jadeyogamats freskincare 🌸🌸🌸 . . Wearing leggings and top : sleehcom Mat: liforme . igyogachallenges #dharmabumsactive #lovemydharmabums #dharmabums #beagoddess #yoga  #yogi #yogalove #yogadaily #yogainspiration #yogaeverywhere #yogachallenge #parivrattaparsvakonasana #yogaeverydamnday #inversion #motivation #igyoga #igfitness #loveandalliscoming #goodvibes #instagood #crazysexyyoga #practiceandalliscoming #namaste #fitfam #positivevibes #workout #yogaphotography #BornToBeQueens

61 9 Apr 24, 2018

When yogis see a cool mural on the streets of Hong Kong. No opportunity missed. 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ #yogaeverywhere 📸 siiiena

33 3 Apr 24, 2018

Here is day 9 of #borntobequeens with #seatedpose and I’m doing the #ardhamatsyendrasana variation today 🤗☺️👸 My Queens Hosts: . 👑 elena_miss_yoga Bendy Variations 👑 omniyogagirl Funky Variations 👑 jeminajakin Hippy Pretzely Funky Variations . ❤️❤️❤️ The gracious Sponsors: 💎 yoga_democracy 💎 modernmalas 💎 blissmalajewels . . . What’re you waiting for folks, let us claim our 👑 and be the 👸 that we are! 😍 #practicemakesperfect #aprilyogachallenge #yogaforlife #crazysexyyoga #yogalifestyle #yogalife #yogajournal #yogaeveryday #yogini #yogisofig #yogatime #yogafamily #yogaislife #yogafun #yogalove #igyogachallenges #yogagram #yogainspiration #yogaforbeginners #fitness #igyoga #practiceandalliscoming #yogamastersindia #yogaeverydamnday yogamastersindia yogafeature yogachannel worldofyoga 24_over_gym proudfitfam

49 1 Apr 24, 2018

"who are you? ↗↗ .I am an enigma to myself, some days I am wild, others I am calm, I defy stereotypes, I do not settle for less, I am a rebel. i swear a lot, I like to make things with my hands, I believe in magic and miracles, I am afraid to show just how weird and crazy I am because it would cause a lot of outrage. I love to see and meet people who are defying normality. I know I don't have to understand everyone. but I learn to love either way.and I am more dimensional than all the words in a caption. 😜😜 . .this is who I am. not who I should be.. . . the_boss_yogi tag sorta agree totally with my goals for #StripDownAsanas5 to show layers and more truth about myself. 💖💖💖 . .Day1 #heartopener . . HOSTS: sultryabyss in.ecstatic.motion kalimahal jennyg2bfit black_swan74 yogicbynature nacktyoginerd rhyannawatson mama.bear.cakess makeyourmagichappen ✨ SPONSORS: karmicfox nicow56  yeskis4king soter_bentes maux_portraits Jakeanthonyart b.ographicdesign 💫‎ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . _________________________ #heartopening #leotards #strongissexy #stripdownasanas

49 9 Apr 24, 2018

Yet another pose that I’ve been waiting forever for. Just a little bit more to go to the full 180! Speaking of waiting. You may know that I’ve started attending Mysore-style classes regularly for about a month now. It has been a humbling experience, to say the very least. I was given my first ever pose last week (YAYYY so exciting): bhujapidasana. Sounds simple right? I know that I can lift my feet off no problem, as I have done this pose enough times in a ‘regular’ vinyasa class. BUT! This pose has been kicking my ass since Wed. Especially when it comes after what seems to be the millionth jump back/through - I am usually exhausted when I have to do this. So: wriggle shoulders under knees, lift up, cross ankles, so far so good. Then, I have to touch my chin to the ground... ok I am trying, but the only way this will work is with the crown of my head down and not my chin, so really it just looks like I’m trying to do some sort of weird headstand (and failing). Teacher tells me to scoop my tailbone so my feet can lift off when my head is body says NOPE NOT TODAY! I swear if you were there you will be able to see every vein on my forehead as I struggle to coordinate my various body parts. AND! I still have to go into tittibhasana/bakasana before my jumpback. Oh save me. Imagine me struggling like 😫😫😫 while everyone else around me is doing everything with ease. TL,DR: starting the Primary Series is one of the most humbling experiences so far in my yoga journey. The poses on the chart look deceptively simple - but when you do them in its specific order, mixing in all the jump backs/throughs, you get one of the toughest sequences around. #urdhvaprasaritaekapadasana #standingsplit #hanumanasana #splits #monkeypose

56 6 Apr 24, 2018

There will always be a good, convincing, important seeming reason not to pursue the things you know you are meant to do. This is because walking your truth is heavily focused on future pacing. Building foundations in the now that will be expanded upon in the future. Foregoing what really feels pertinent today for what is truly of benefit in the long run. Your true path is going to ask you to sacrifice many a short term pleasure or gain for the long term payoff. In our world of instant gratification, hyper focus on the here and now and general disregard for cultivation of that which takes time and patience to grow - there will be few who understand or support your efforts to do now what won't reap fruits for quite some time. To forsake what culture holds as vital and important in this moment for what you know to be of true value. There is always going to be the temptation to grab at the low hanging fruit. To appease the relationship rather than allowing the problems to surface so they can be properly addressed. To settle for the immediate relief of a fad diet rather than a true rearranging of your relationship to food and your body. To forsake deep content creation for that which gets 'likes' and 'shares' now. It takes great bravery, insight and foresight to walk your path. To see what is truly important and to prioritize those things over what is easy now. To abandon instant success for long term results. Deep roots take time. But they give more fruit than the superficial ones. Your truth will be built on deep roots. If you're willing. Xoxo #yogaheals #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #yogabums #stralaeverywhere #dharmatemple #bereceptive #beopen #crazysexyyoga #vegansofig #loveyourselffirst #happinessisaninsidejob #GoProYoga #worldofyoga #InfiBliss

51 0 Apr 24, 2018

Yoga ist kein Sport, Yoga ist eine Lebenseinstellung. Ich habe vor etwas mehr als 6 Jahren, aus gesundheitlichen Gründen da ich Fibromyalgie habe, mit Yoga angefangen. Ich suchte einen Sport, der meinen Gelenken gut tut und schon nach kurzer Zeit wurden die Schmerzen in den Gelenken weniger. Ich machte 3-4 mal die Woche Hatha-Yoga. (z.Zt. sind es 5-6 mal die Woche Power Yoga und Hatha Yoga) Meine Flexibilität wurde besser und das allgemeine Wohlbefinden stieg. Es ist nicht einfach nur ein Spruch...Yoga ist wirklich Balsam für Körper, Geist und Seele. Vor ein paar Tagen habe ich mich selbst dabei ertappt, wie ich in einen meditativen Zustand ging, ohne es zu beabsichtigen. Ich saß mit meinen Tieren auf dem Rasen, in Lotuspose mit Nase Richtung Sonne und genoss einfach nur den Moment. Als ich das mitgekriegt habe musste ich lächeln und habe gedacht "siehste, jetzt machst du nicht nur Yoga, du lebst es". Das ist schön, denn in meinen Augen ist Yoga Frieden, Liebe, Achtsamkeit, Bewusstsein und Dankbarkeit....sich selbst und anderen gegenüber. Namaste 🙏 * * * * * * #yogafriends #sexyyoga #myyogalife #yogafam #yogagypsy #yogaaddicted #yogawithdogs #yogastrong #yogaaddict #yogapassion #strongyoga #yogaislife #crazysexyyoga #yogamylove #crazyyoginis #strongwoman #fitover40 #yogajunkie #pigeonpose

21 0 Apr 24, 2018

✅ Double tap the pic ✅ Tag your friends ✨ DISCOUNT ALL STORE TODAY ✨ 📦 SHOP NOW Click link in our profile 📦 CLICK ADD TO CARD -> CC CHECKOUT -> ADD Discount Code 👉 WORLD WIDE SHIPPING ✈️ 👕 Would you want this ? 👕 Don't forget share and tag your friends #yogamama #yogamat #yogaeverywhere #crazysexyyoga #yogagirl #igyoga #yogapractice #yogainspiration #igyogacommunity #asana #yogapantsallday #yogalove #yogapantsfordays #yogafit #yogafun

5 0 Apr 24, 2018

Thick thighs save lives! For day 3 of #StripDownAsanas5 we were asked to share a hip opener. Since today is also #transformationtuesday I looked through my hard drive and found my hip opener from the third round of #stripdownasanas which was my first yoga challenge! As you can see, I can now toss that foot behind my head! How exciting! Hip openers every damn day! They're finally paying off. 💜💜💜 💫 HOSTS: sultryabyss in.ecstatic.motion kalimahal jennyg2bfit black_swan74 yogicbynature nacktyoginerd rhyannawatson mama.bear.cakess makeyourmagichappen ✨ SPONSORS: karmicfox nicow56 yeskis4king soter_bentes maux_portraits Jakeanthonyart b.ographicdesign 💫 ✅Day 1 • Heart Opener ✅Day 2 • Pose that makes you feel Vulnerable ✅Day 3 • Hip Opener Day 4 • Pose that makes you feel Proud Day 5 • Bind Day 6 • Pose that makes you feel Free Day 7 • Balance Pose Day 8 • Pose that makes you feel Strong Day 9 • Shape Pose Day 10• Pose that makes you feel Confident ✨ #girlswithmuscle #crazysexyyoga #thickthighssavelives #naturalbeauty #selflove #yogiswithtattoos #bodyart #nudemodel #nudephotography #artisticnude #happyisbeautiful #yogafit #womenkickass #namastebitches #yogafitfam #yogalife #soulsearching #bodypositive #bodylove #yogaeverywhere #grounded #strongnotskinny #strongbodystrongmind #nudeyoga #nakedyoga #sexyyoga

99 10 Apr 24, 2018

Sometimes You have to Stop worrying And doubting. Have faith That things Will work out. Maybe not how As you planned Them to be, But the way it's Meant to be❤️ . Welcome to our first day of #headstandingyogis Is supported headstand. Today is #treeposetuesday too So I'm showing a variation of it. Feel free to use the wall for support. #sirsasana #headstand

255 31 Apr 24, 2018

“A Woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself ” ― Maya Angelou

39 1 Apr 24, 2018

Niektoré pozície vyžadujú veľkú silu sami o sebe, niektoré pohyby potrebujú veľkú kontrolu pre svoj vlastný zrod, niektoré udalosti potrebujú mimoriadnu ohybnosť tela aj duše aby sa vôbec uskutočnili. Istým spôsobom sú jednoduché, nerozvetvené možnosťami. Vedú nás a v miere pripravenosti nechávajú rozhodnúť, či možno vstúpiť a či nie. Postupne sa menia na pozície, situácie a pohyby v ktorých SA plne cítime. Ponúkajú ešte viac. Objavenie, pozorovanie, prehĺbenie. Na ich koreni je nekonečné množstvo malých korienkov, ktoré vedú do neznáma. Možno dnes pohnem nohu do inej strany, možno dnes otvorím hrudník viac, možno precítim silu chodidiel. Možno niekomu pomôžem s nákupom, pochválim, pohladím, poteším. Možno prejavím úctu k staršiemu, možno zmením svoj pohľad. Možno sa stíšim a nazriem do seba. Skús dnes niečo nové. Moje nekonečné stojkové pokusy v jogaletna. Uvidíme sa vo štvrtok ráno na podložke (Hatha jóga flow), zatiaľ s nohami na zemi 🌿

21 1 Apr 24, 2018

Thank you my dear friend Katie yoga_maverick for inviting me on this challenge! I'm gonna catch up 💃 #Repost yoga_maverick ( get_repost) ・・・ Super excited to start and finish this! 😘💕 . . “Think like a Queen. A Queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.” 👑 Your Queens Hosts: 👸 elena_miss_yoga Bendy Variations omniyogagirl Funky Variations jeminajakin Hippy Pretzely Funky Variations ⭐️ Our gracious Sponsors: yoga_democracy modernmalas blissmalajewels ⭐️ To join the challenge and be eligible for prizes: 👑 1) Repost the banner and invite you best omies to play with us. (I tag faithfoxmama iennayoga justyoga96 inesloughrey 💕) 2) Follow Sponsors and Hosts. 3) Post one new Picture of the daily Asana for each day of the challenge. 4) Tag Hosts, Sponsors, and use the hashtag #BornToBeQueens 5) Make sure your IG profile is public so we can follow along on your journey. 6) Make your Country of origin visible ⭐️ MOST IMPORTANTLY HAVE FUN AND REMEMBER TO HONOR YOUR BODY 👑 For those who like to plan ahead: ⭐️ Day 1 Backbend Day 2 Hip opener Pose Day 3 Balance Pose Day 4 On Tippy Toes Pose Day 5 Inversion Day 6 Hamstring stretch Day 7 Standing Pose Day 8 Pose on the floor Day 9 Seated Pose Day 10 Be a Queen (Yogi's choice) . . . #yogafun #igyogachallenges #yogaforlife #yogaforall #crazysexyyoga #yogaspirit #yogalifestyle #yogalife #yogajournal #yogaeveryday #yogini #aprilyogachallenge #yogisofinstagram #beagoddess #yogisofig #yogatime #yogafamily #yogaislife #loveyoga #iloveyoga #yogalicious #yogagram #practicedaily #yogalove | #yogaadict | #igyogacommunity | #igyogachallenge

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