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Моя новая работа 😊🌸🍃 P.s. Сегодня праздник у моего любимого города, Краматорск, с Днём Рождения! Продолжай радовать своих жителей своими приятными мелочами, радостями и сюрпризами. Я знаю, что мой город особенный. И я его очень-очень люблю 😄💚 * * * #вдохновение #рисунки #рисунок #цветы #девушка #венок #творчество #творю #цвет #артработа #create #beautiful #flowers #girl #wreath #sketch #sketching #art #drawings #paint #artbook #new #artwork #sketchbook #draw #inspiration #atmosphericart #likeforlike #followme #newart

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Oh my, check out the colors in this fluorite butterfly! 😍 This is another new necklace in my shop. | Link in bio. 🦋

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The 2nd graders visited the denverartmuseum to check out some artwork inspired by nature and to get inspired to make their own! #create #natureartists

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❌ART FOR SALE❌ DM if you’re interested. #createart #create #art #illustration #classsichorror #skullart #stephcurry #artforsale #darkart #sanfrancisco

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Here have a crystal cave and a story... I didn't just wake up one morning and decide to be an intuitive. The time came when I needed to embark on my own natural healing journey. About 7 years ago. I went for a number of holistic healing sessions. I fell inlove with crystals from a very young age and my mom often found them with me in my bed in the morning's. My mom used to have her own natural healing practice in Pretoria where I grew up, she has the gift too. As a little girl I grew up with sea shells crystals and essential oils. I fell inlove with crystal healing and reiki. I have since studied and been mentored into this space. I also had a heart for animals so i studied animal healing. I was in tune with love. As a little girl I would cry every time I saw a crucifixion. Until it was taken down. I would say "mommy its just too sad." I am an empath of note. There was a time when I decided to open up a holistic healing practise which I did and I loved every part of it. I also studied fashion design and worked successfully. I know right these two world's. How funny. How much fun though. I have since found out that I am a good stylist and teacher. And that I continue to hold space for my own journey and for others. I teach mindfullness meditation and intuitive art therapy. Connecting with the earth and the arts is an incredible channel for healing and self expressionism. I love it. I love all these things. I'll never forget I walked into my pastors kitchen, he was cooking bacon with chocolate chip cookies pancakes, on a Jewish holy day I almost fell over, sigh, and he said to me. "Jo, Jack of all trades and master of none." I'll never forget it. Because in that moment I felt incredibly small and confused. Well no. I am good. I have many skills. And I breath life into them all. I do many things. And that's more than ok. It's a wonderful life. It's really very simple, I make things, I dress things, I teach things. I love people. It's good enough for me. Just wanted to share this beautiful. There is a book in me. I will write it when I hear the call. And feel the howl. Lots of love Jo x #storyteller #gift #share #love #hold #write #create #authentic #journey #woman

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