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The feeling of waking up healthy after days of sickness. Of someone you love coming to visit. Of a freshly cleaned house. Of full body calm after a hard workout. Of a quiet moment in the middle of an urban jungle. Of courageously opening up about past trauma and being received with love and acceptance. Of making someone smile. . . . There is so much negativity in the world right now. So much pain. So much tragedy. It's difficult not to feel guilty for the beauty in your own life. But guilt only creates more suffering. Turn the guilt into gratitude. Gratitude for every single tiny moment that makes your heart sing. Because when your heart is singing, others can hear and sing too! It's harder to find the positive. You really have to dig and search sometimes. But once you find it, even the smallest bit of it, you can create more. And more and more and more For yourself, and for the world. What is one thing, big or small, in your life right now that makes your heart sing? . . . . 📸 hillary_jeanne

6 1 Oct 17, 2017

. evokeretreats this is only the beginning ✨ ⠀ The last 5 days spent with our courageous and brave Evoke attendees has been a life changing experience for us all. ⠀ As we sit here in the moment and process the energy and impact of our retreat, we bow with full hearts. ⠀ We did it, sisters. ⠀ & to think we are only getting started 💕

91 5 Oct 17, 2017

I was captured in this moment. The elephant was talking to her friend next to us and her trunk rumbles when it happens. The fact that Nam Mohn allowed me to embrace her was amazing in itself. I wanted to hear and feel the vibration through her head. Standing in between 2 elephants can be dangerous and she could have easily knocked me over if she wanted, but here I was with no fear establishing a connection. This feeling never gets old and I wish I could do this every day. All I can do at this time is cherish the moments before I leave

18 2 Oct 17, 2017

Remember.. you are the one who fill the world with sunshines. 🌻 🌻 🌻 #efangvacation #rodeodrive #createyourownhappiness

20 0 Oct 17, 2017

What’s up FLY Fam. Fvck being safe. Be FLY. #flytuesday

18 4 Oct 17, 2017

Listen to the silence, it has so much to say. - Rumi

34 1 Oct 17, 2017

13.10.2017... Thank you Jesus for all your kindness & blessing to me and my family... For every "special person" who come & stay in my life... For every "special person" who still support and can hold my bad side... Blessings for all of you... 😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍 #Birthday #birthdaycelebration #WelcomeNewAge #Gratefull #Ultah #TambahUsia #TambahTua #TambahDewasa #Bersyukur #AllOfThisAboutLove #CreateYourOwnHappiness #HappinessIsAChoice #ThankGod #GoodFriends #BecomeBestFriends #BestFriend #CareIsLove #LoveIsCare

11 1 Oct 17, 2017

Tips on adding fruit trees & bushes to your garden & how to make it low input - all in 'The Minimalist Gardener' by Patrick Whitefield. (Link in bio) . . . Repost from: permaculturemagazine

50 1 Oct 17, 2017

Yesterday I felt really pissed off. . . Seeing all of the statuses that read #metoo really pisses me off. It's makes me mad that we live in a world where so many women have experienced sexual assault or harassment in one way or another. . . But for me personally it has given me the strength to share my story for the first time publicly in hopes of helping others. . . Yesterday I was so fired up when I sat down to write my weekly blog. It took hours to find the words and after I was emotionally spent. Like curled up on the couch with a bowl of chicken soup spent. . . After I was finished I sat back and read it through again and I realized that I this is not just about me. As scary as it is to share my experience I know that by doing so it will help all of the other women who have experienced it as well. . . No more hiding. No more shame. The truth will set you free.

21 8 Oct 17, 2017

What the Chia??? . Add these to your shakes, yogurt, salads, stir fry..etc. etc....🥛🍨🥗🍱 . **What's the benefit?** 🤷🏼‍♀️ •Stimulates weight loss •Promotes healthy digestion •Manages blood sugar levels •Increases energy levels •Enhances workouts •High in protein & antioxidants •Naturally raw and organic . Anyone else eat these cute lil things? 🙋🏼 . #tuesdaytip #chiaseeds

18 3 Oct 17, 2017

No one is worth laying awake feeling not good enough. #moveon #createyourownhappiness #changeisscary #shakeitoff #goals #allformykids

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