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rainy days go awayyyy 🌧

3 1 Jan 22, 2018

Starting up my youtube channel again. More adventures more content!!!

5 2 Jan 22, 2018

Got my ring light for video recording in my home studio!!! That light in my eye just makes it look so much more professional 🤣🤣🤣🤷🏻‍♂️💰

7 1 Jan 22, 2018

-old memes aren’t cool but- a cop: sir you ran a red light - student athlete: ⁉️❓⁉️ there’s no red lights on the road to success 💯🛑 grind never stops 🆘🙏🏻 ps: check claire_laree out she’s a personal trainer + she’s eveN better than student athlete memes w/ even MORE grind 🌻

76 16 Jan 22, 2018

Milwaukee was fun as always. Now making my way back to Minneapolis. Also GO VIKINGS 🙌🏻

54 1 Jan 22, 2018

the best you ever had

26 1 Jan 22, 2018

the best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do ⚡️ #javiouslyphotography

11 1 Jan 22, 2018

briellebotta GABBY GIRL KILLS IT! Sooo happy to have such a talented artist on my team! If you are into vivids you should take a seat in her chair and show her page some love! So proud of you + it’s only the beginning babe! 💙💚💙💚 . . . . She used pulpriothair + brazilianbondbuilder to create this masterpiece. briellebotta briellebotta briellebotta

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