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And there you were Arriving between rays of light Softly grazing your face Like molasses. Your eyes trailing Within the view of the sunrise. And with them you stared off into the distance. No recollection of the ocean sounds In your ears, Until you found yourself turning To find lifelessness Upon sea-foam.

21 2 Sep 22, 2018

• Cangrejo • Drop the armor. But wait, what's under? Another...! How many layers, masks and mirrors? Nexus of fears, dreams, desires. Ego claws clenching hard - Fingertips of character. A different crab for different people. Curious as to what is At the core, in the middle. Seen from the surface, The depth of the ocean is just wave spurs. Floating pieces of armor. So will it be with what's under - There at the fingertips, Dangling in front of others - A drop of water in the ocean: The fluid art of character.

27 1 Sep 22, 2018

Happy Friday! Update on my book: it’s being extended to three ongoing issues police brutality against African Americans, immigrant/first generation stories, and the rise of Islamophobia 🗣 * * * * * #poet #writer #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #poetry #writing #creativewriting #creativewriter #writersofinstagram #writersoftheworld #poetryisnotdead #poetsofig #poems #quotes #poemoftheday #muslimwriter #muslimah #muslimsoftheworld #islam #islamic #nycpoet #nyc #artists #creativeart #writtenart #aestheticwrites

28 1 Sep 22, 2018

Hi beautiful! . What lights you up? . What/who brings you joy? . Is it in alignment with how you live now? . What can you do to move towards living a life that is more YOU, that bring you more joy? . What is stopping you from living your life? . Journal exercise for sure! . All my love, Genevieve xoxo . #genevieveheart #followyourheart #truthbomb

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