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This day is one I’ll never forget! It was the first time we brought Charlie home. I remember crying on the ward because I just wanted us to be home. I’d just had a c section so I was nervous about walking up the stairs or dare I say it, having that first poo! I also worried about how our dogs would react to a new Furness addition! Luckily I had nothing to worry about! The furry boys love Charlie to bits! What did you worry about when you brought them home for the first time? . . . #theunicornmummy #firsttimehome #firstdayathome #mamaxloves #mumslifenetwork #mumblog #mummybloggers #mummyblogger #ukparentbloggers #ukparentblogger #pbloggersuk #channelmumvillage #mum #mummy #mummyblogger #mumlife #mumblog #momblog #instamum #motherhood #mumsofinsta #mumsofinstagram #dogsmeetingbaby #scaredofhavingapoo #csectionbaby #babiesofinstagram #babiesandpuppies #babiesanddogs

60 8 Sep 18, 2018

🙋🏼‍♀️I’m just gona go ahead and take the Mom Of The Week Award right now... 🙄🙄 . This morning was filled with epic melt downs by all... mom included 😕 . 👉🏼This school everyday thing is difficult for Santiago to adjust to. Valentina is now sick with a little head cold which is of course keeping her up even more then usual and extra grumpy. And mom is just over it all... annnnnnd it’s only Tuesday 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ . 😉I’m telling you this mamas, cause I know I’m not the only one having a hard time this week. And I want you to know that it’s okay if you freak out... we all do. It’s okay if you feel like you can’t do this anymore... you can, and you will cause we are moms and we just do it. . 💁🏼‍♀️But... if you can relate to me this morning, do not beat yourself up about these feelings... I’m not. I’m acknowledging them and doing some stuff during nap time today to try and make myself feel better, so I can get through the rest of the day. . Ain’t no Hood like Motherhood‼️😘✌🏼

18 3 Sep 18, 2018

Okay....•DON’T Be MAD• 😐 But I’ve kind of been holding out on ya... KEEPIN’ a BIG SECRET🤫... A didn’t want to make a peep about🤭... UNTIL TODAY.... When I had something tangible y•o•u Could get your hands on🤗🤗 And considering it’s CRASHED our Entire site over the last few hours... Due to INSANE POPULARITY (No, I’m not joking🙈) Basic B*tches 🍂 me🙋‍♀️ Better hold onto your panties And place your order NOW Before this EXTREMELY limited Fall fScottie... Is GONE!💨 ATTENTION ALL P•S• L• L💛VERS I’m your new favorite, Girl💋 Cause the cup of love you’ve seen me sip for three years....the one that’s: 🎃 Safe for breastfeeding and with child🤰 Mamas 🎃 All natural and made from real whole super foods 🎃 Keeps my ENERGY up...not only through my workout but through my entire busy mom day...from just ONE CUP 🎃 While curbing cravings 🎃 Saves me major mullah each month cause it replaces 30 meals in an easy completely clean cool 😎 kind of fashion. Is AVAILABLE in LIMITED quantities and for a LIMITED time ... in VEGAN 🌱 PUMPKIN 🎃 SPICE! 🍂 All the crazy amazing flavor we love without any of the icky 😖 stuff! If you want to make sure YOU get yours BEFORE it’s GONE... Drop a “🎃” or some “🍂” below. So that I can message you the instructions to order♥️

19 3 Sep 17, 2018

As a #NewMom it can be difficult to find time to do all the things that I used to be able to do at the drop of a hat. If I needed to make a quick trip to Costco, I could jump in the car and go. Now...I have to think to myself (or say out, “When did I change her diaper? When did I feed her last? Do I have enough time to get there and back before I have to change and feed her again?” . Thank you #HarrisTeeter for doing my shopping for me, loading it in the car and making this new mom’s life a whole lot easier!

18 1 Sep 17, 2018

I think we have a little lefty! Just like daddy! Vivian getting in some sensory time with large wood blocks. #mommydaughterlove #monsteronesie #babygirl #5monthsold #csectionbaby #mommydaughter #babies #sensoryplay #lefty

25 1 Sep 17, 2018

I ran across this today on Pinterest and felt so encouraged and inspired by it 😊 . It hurts to know people feel this kind of regret. But I’m so thankful they’re willing to share thoughts like this for those of us just starting out 💕

13 1 Sep 17, 2018

and just like that, we have a walker😭 jrisk127 - who uses his arms in the air for balance😂

43 8 Sep 18, 2018

Happy 2 Months Old, Zachary! #MyBabyBoy #HappyBaby #HappyMommy #CSectionMom #CSectionBaby #MySon #BabyChunks #MyLittleMan

46 12 Sep 17, 2018

💁🏼‍♀️In my bootcamp group, we talk about confidently wearing skinny jeans and special dress as some goals... . 🤔But... let’s remember... ✨Feeling beautiful isn't about a specific weight or how well you fit into your clothes. Feeling beautiful is directly related to feeling healthy‼️ . 😉And healthy comes in many shapes and sizes‼️ . The best way to raise your body confidence is to get excited about taking care of yourself‼️✌🏼😘 Are you excited⁉️

22 2 Sep 18, 2018

2 weeks old 💕

191 5 Sep 18, 2018

The moment I realised it didn’t matter how my beautiful boy entered the world... the important thing was that he was here, safe and healthy soon to be in my arms❤️ Check out my recent blog for tips on how to embrace your c-section birth. Link is in bio . . . #earthside #joy #bestmomentever #birth #babyboy👶 #csectionbaby #real #magical #csectionbirth #cesarean #mymotherhood #csectionmama #lifeisbeautiful #love #mumbloggers #newcastlemamas #influencers

8 0 Sep 18, 2018

Mondays used to be the worst😖 Tears😭 ..Dread 😫..Thinking how the hell am I gonna make it through til the next weekend?! I would drop my baby girl off in the dark..holding her little hand and telling her the same words I had told her since she was 10 weeks old.. ”Just remember, my love are a piece of my heart. So I carry you where ever I go..meaning we can NEVER really be apart and know that if you’re missing me..I am missing you even more, Baby Girl.” Everyone said drop offs would get easier ..that we both would only cry the first week..but those tears never faded for me. I cried when I dropped her off and I cried the entire way home 🖤 with her when she was upset bc even though I had my lunch hour cut short so I could end my shift 30 Mins girl was still upset..bc she was the last one to get picked up and only saw me Monday-Friday in the dark.🌙 a perfect way to describe those days..inside and out. It sets the perfect tone for how I felt and what was worse ..feelings I never expected. Others kept reminding me my feelings were “abnormal”..going as far to tell me I was a “wacka-doodle”..and that ”every other mother in America can do why the hell cant you?” Words I actually heard and OFTEN..that broke me further and left me feeling completely ALONE. It wasn’t until YEARS later when through an undesireable circumstance ..I was home ..that another woman..who I had never met..found me on social media and wrote daily about her own experience..her own feelings that MIRRORED mine..that I realized I WASNT the ONLY WOMAN STRUGGLING with leaving her child..I wasn’t the only mother dreading SUNDAY..there wasn’t anything wrong with me..I just needed in my soul to be the one home raising my babies..permanently. As I folllowed her more..mesmerized to know I wasn’t alone..I wasn’t crazy and that actually LOTS of women felt like me..I realized she was helping women find their way or remain home by helping them first become the healthiest, happiest version of themselves..then teaching them to go on and earn income by teaching what they had been implementing to someone else. (Remainder in comments😘)

21 3 Sep 17, 2018

A year ago today organised and I walked into Labour & Delivery knowing that we would be leaving with our little boy! We didn’t know we would have to experience 50 hours of labour and an emergency c-section but he was worth it all! I cannot believe how fast his year has flown and am so looking forward to celebrating Elias 1st birthday on Friday ❤️ #baby #pregnancy #induced #csection #csectionbaby #family #ayearagotoday #ayearago #pregnant #pregnancyshoot #elithesupernova #timeflies #timefliesfast #love #happy #labourstory #halifaxuk

28 0 Sep 18, 2018

Today has been a tough day for me. I decided to take my day 80 picture a little early... and I felt disappointed. My results last month were amazing! But not so much this month. However, this is a journey not a destination so I've decided to crack down on my nutrition and redo Phase 3. 🤷‍♀️ That's the beauty in this program if I want to do it over and over again I can! If i want to go a different program, I can!

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