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"Ok Ms. King, we need to chat. This book was seriously so intoxicating. So intoxicating in fact, that I'm re-writing this review and actually can remember most of the points that I made in my initial review (Bye Goodreads). I really enjoyed how the story opens as an action-packed thriller and as time goes on it turns more psychological. We really don't know who to trust at first. Do I like Izzy? Do I like Grant? Do I like Josie? Heck, do I like Beth?! Who do I root for? I think it's really entertaining when you learn bits and pieces of a puzzle without deterring far from the story and The Social Affair does that well. We get right into the meat and potatoes, skip the salad! Well, unless that's what you'd rather have, but I digress. As the story progressed, things were so not what they seemed and I felt like I was a fly on the wall in these peoples's lives. I think as a reader, if you enjoyed BA Paris's Behind Closed Doors, Roz Nay's Our Little Secret or the television show Black Mirror, then you will love this book. We get an original domestic thriller, some psychological aspects, and a philosophical lesson on how social media has completely taken over our lives." - Excerpt of a review via scared_str8 📷 photo also his. And THAT billboard... 🙌🏼 ⠀⠀ As I told Dennis, when I showed my (little) kids this photo they thought their mom was 'big time.' 😏💪🏻 So—MANY THANKS to him for giving me a bit of street cred at home and for writing (and then re-writing!) such a thoughtful review. The kindness of the bookstagram community never ceases to amaze me. ⠀⠀ Check out the prologue in its entirety on the blog. Link in bio. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ T H E S O C I A L A F F A I R ⠀⠀ S Y N O P S I S: In the tradition of Gone Girl and Behind Closed Doors comes a gripping, twisted, furiously clever read that demands your attention, and keeps you guessing until the very end. For fans of the anti-heroine and stories told in unorthodox ways, The Social Affair delivers us the perfect dark and provocative villain. The only question—who is it? ⠀⠀ • CHECK OUT THE FULL SYNOPSIS HERE:

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We loved the stage set-up from last year’s Mrs. Globe, and are working on a design to top it for this year’s event…details, details, details. #DesignInProgress #MrsGlobe2018 #PageantLife #Host #newportbeachrealtors #realestate #planning #oc #currentmood #newportbeach #realtorlife #RealEstateWars #RealityTV #Bravo #ReleganceGroup #spyrokemble #Realtor

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💭💭💭... #currentmood #solitudine #tramonto #domanderisposte

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Current mood 🙈 #currentmood #nowordsneeded #tuesdayvibes

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Погружаюсь в свои волосы как в темный омут 🌑 ps все мираж

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La nuit, les ombres prennent vie ... ✨ En ce moment je lis tortues à l'infini 😍🐢 #currentmood #readingtime #bookstagram #lecturedumoment #tortuesalinfini #turtlesallthewaydown #johngreen

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Man I’m so grateful for these 2 queens! Who they are and the example they set and how hard they fight for their own dreams as well as mine. They’re not only my mentors but my best friends ❤️❤️

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Пальто Gipsy, размер S-M, отличное состояние, очень удобное и комфортное. Цена: 800 рублей. 🖤

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