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Two very different people getting along just fine. Except when she randomly tries to maul his face or step on his hands. _ Musa let's everything slide he just does a nervous cry and looks around for help. Never holds a grudge lol. A minute later, baji is his best friend again _ We can only hope it stays like that. Encourage a good friendship as they grow older. I've seen so many sibling rivalries, I think it's pretty common to just be distant. _ A sibling bond built over time can be a huge asset. To do that, you really have to actively foster a good relationship by setting the tone early on. I tell Sarina that Musa looks up to her and is watching everything she does. When she has fits and when she does something nice. I point out to her when he's staring and smiling at her. Another thing I do is talk about my own sibling relationships. I only have a few friendly memories of being together with mine, but I value those moments and talk about them with Sarina. _ I think the most significant thing to do is somehow develop shared experiences. Early on and later when they are more grown up. Not sure exactly what that might be right now - but they should end up having a few similar interest hopefully to make things easier. _ I think I'm so pressured to foster this relationship because its healthy, but also because it's missing from my life. I don't blame anyone but myself for it - I was too into myself and my own friends that I totally neglected my siblings. I tried to hide from them because they were too young to "be in the know" and I got upset when my younger brother tried to jack my style. It's hard to see maturely as a teen and even in your early twenties but I think positive reinforcement, encouragement, and role models are very important in developing any kind of healthy relationship. _ #dadblogger #momblogger #parentblogger #parenting #motherhood #fatherhood #siblings #siblingrivalry #brotherandsister #bigsister #littlebrother #dadlife #momlife #toddlersofinstagram #dadsofinstagram #lifegoeson

4 2 Sep 22, 2018

W E E K E N D A D V E N T U R E S I love my weekend adventures with Zak. We’ve been out and about today on a bus, a train, 2 metros and a ferry as I checked out the route for a school trip I’m going to be doing this week. Then later in the afternoon while laura_grace88 was at a baby shower, we popped down to the beach and watched the world go by with a coffee and a bottle of milk at A perfect day with my boy. #zakurday

7 3 Sep 22, 2018

Papa Panda theuncooldad was gifted 2 tickets from the generous people at peperamitv. Today, although raining, we redeemed those tickets and took full advantage of my mum and dad having the kids for the day so we could revisit our "courting days" and go on some rides. As massive fans of thewalkingdeadamc it was a no brainer that we would check that ride out first. #terrifyafriend We wussed out big time and truth be told I almost had a panic attack whilst theuncooldad almost shat his pants. (Note to self: if ever a zombie apocalypse were to happen he would be the last person I'd go to as I pretty much hid behind the couple infront of us the whole way) 🙈 We managed to go on a few more fun and wet rides before the claw machines took most of our money. Managed to walk away with a huge Pikachu, a batgirl and green teddy unicorn thing though. 👍👍👍 All in all, despite the rain we had so much fun and it was in perfect timing for us to rekindle our couplehood and feel like "us" again 👫💑. Hope you've all had an awesome Saturday and have a great rest of the weekend. 💛 #MamaPanda ___ #PandaFamily #theuncooldad #londonmum #pbloggersuk #vlogger #mummyblogger #dadblogger #lifestyle #couple #peasinapod #thorpepark #daysout #saturday #funday #mumanddadlife #revisitingchildhooddays #youngatheart #oldbeans

20 3 Sep 22, 2018

Okay, kein richtiger #dickbauchdienstag, aber Papa hat heute über seine Rolle während der Schwangerschaft geschrieben. Koschwanger sag ich nur 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 Wie ist/war das bei euch? Wie immer #linkinbio ☝️ ( #werbung wegen Verlinkung 🤦🏻‍♀️) #papablogger #momblogger #mamablogger #mommyblogger #lebenmitkindern #instamom #instadad #pragnancy #schwanger #mommytobe #dadblogger

42 9 Sep 22, 2018

Anzeige Meine kleine Familie ❤️ Schade ihr lieben ich bin leider schon zuhause 😅 hätte gerne noch einige Tage dort verbracht. Bin super froh das mit der kleinen alles gepasst hat und sie überhaupt nicht geweint hat obwohl wir den ganzen Tag unterwegs waren. Der Kurztrip nach Köln - Düsseldorf war super! . . Mein Kleid ist von madinashopcom ich liebe es 😍 . . #doonadeutschland #mobile #babyschale #köln #kölnerdom #düsseldorf #rhein #rheinpromenade #kurztrip #urlaub #travel #city #mom #dad #mamablogger #dadblogger #fashionmama #fashionblogger_de #mamablogger_de

154 4 Sep 22, 2018

BIG ARGUMENTS TODAY... nothing like the usual trivial nonsense eg ‘she took my bush baby’, ‘she looked at my fingerling’, ‘I think she thinks I’m not her best friend’ etc. It was in fact a deeply serious, highly important topic - who is the tallest? According to Amelie - as shown in the picture - the evidence speaks for itself - her hand is balanced ‘just on top her head’ and based upon where it is vs. the height chart she is quite clearly the tallest... hmmm. #chinnyreckon #ischinnyreckonstillathing #1daddy3daughters #ireckonbeatricewillbethetallest

33 2 Sep 22, 2018

Beach time with a baby can be relaxing or stressful, depending how prepared you are. . Luckily rachelouise26 made sure we had all the bases covered: milk, dummy, toys, a parasol for shade, a hat and (most importantly) Anthony's Portugal t-shirt, so we all managed to make the most of the sea and the views. The other sunbathers got off lightly this time. . Praia do pinhão in Lagos isn't the easiest beach to get to with a pushchair but it's well worth the effort! . #dadlife #dadsofinstagram #mumlife #mumsofinstagram #holiday #baby #anthony #family #familylife #blogger #dadblogger #beach #beaches #portugal #lagos

11 0 Sep 22, 2018

Don’t mind me just standing here freezing as I wait for next spring. Only kidding this was from last weekend when things were a bit warmer. I love autumn and all the beautiful colours, but I do love being warm too. Anyone else feel the sudden drop in temperature today? Gimme all the layers. ☺️ #norainnoflowers

140 12 Sep 22, 2018

Flo is five so we had fun at a fairground. It's official my little girl is a little bigger. To celebrate she wanted to stay in a hotel. So we booked to stay in the premierinn near draytonmanorpark so we could surprise her with a day riding the rollercoasters. We've made it a little tradition to go to a theme park for her birthday. Was epic. Even if I may have pushed her a little to go on rather fast rides that may have ever so slightly freaked her out. But didn't scare her enough to stop her going on them again so all's good. Has to be one of my favourite days out a theme park day and me and Flo are like partners in crime. We've both got the need for speed. Me and my little rollercoaster buddy. #happybirthday #birthdayweekend #birthdaygirl

25 3 Sep 22, 2018

It was my son’s birthday party today and parental control went a bit lax during all the rushing round getting ready. I witnessed him insert a whole Kinder Happy Hippo into a croissant and swallow it like a python. It was like the last days of Rome. Although I was secretly proud obviously.

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