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I sit on a stone - I bring it to life I touch with my palm - it starts to shine I caress with one look - my eyes bring it a smile And my kiss is a charm for it starts to thrive If I knock on a tree - it comes into leaf When I breathe in, like a magic it feels I speak a word allegedly - a wish comes to fulfillment If a thing is concealed, I will reveal it If an enemy meets me, they will turn to a mate If they draw a knife on me, by itself it will break If a lie caught up with me, it will drift away with the wind The evil will get tied up in a knot If a wild beast leaps over my body, I will open my arms for a hug If a little bird perches on my shoulder, it will start to chirp If you go away from me, even if you run, You will be back for I become the sun That will illuminate your path to return I will conquer the world by a naked "I love you" Even when naked, I still have that one to give you This soul of mine I put into everything A piece of my love brings each thing to a living #love #instadaily #instagood #inspiration #awakening #awareness #dare #intuition #passion #bevoulnerable #spirituality #consciousness #Enlightenment #tealswan #teaching

0 0 Jan 19, 2018

Congratulations on another fantastic show! amiparis

10 1 Jan 19, 2018

The out of bed look challenge!!! I DARE you too look worse then me! #challenge #almostafro #outofbed #tired #sleepy #funnyface #Dare

3 4 Jan 19, 2018

Pc #dare complicated #....

1 0 Jan 19, 2018

Mencari kesempatan di setiap waktu yang mungkin terbatas menjadi sebuah tantangan tersendiri. Tak ada istilah "menunda" karna hari ini adalah hari ini dan esok adalah esok. #usaha #tanggungjawab "I Stop When I'm Done"!!! #fight #dare #potretusmi #usmihitz #psikologiusm potretusmi usmi_hitz jepret.usmi psikologi_usm_indonesia psikologiusm14

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