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Holiday blues #daughters #sealife #family #crazykids

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My daughter's Apple of my eye Love of my life Sunshine on the cloudy days Perfection maker of dreams Hope for tomorrow my heart and soul.👭❤ #alhandhulillah #proudmother #daughters #keepsmiling #laindhonthi.

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My sweet heart 💓 #mydaughter #daughters #sweet #baby #adorable #beautifulgirls

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What I love most about toddlers is that they can pull of every style! Such a cutie

14 1 Sep 19, 2018

I usually don't post emotional things ever but tonight was just one of those nights. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ My daughter Kiana posted this picture on her IG and I just lost it. 😢😢😢 She is such a big sister and when she said "Zellmer Sisters with a 💚" I can't believe they are adults! Just memorized and thought to myself, did I do a good job so far??? I would love to share how proud I am to be the dad of two amazing young ladies! ❤️ Being a custodial dad for 5 years and sole provider, struggles are real than many can imagine. Going into business for myself (leaving corp America) almost four years ago was a huge risk. I am happy to say things have turned out pretty good. We all know that single moms and dads it's a never ending day, week, month and year as a full time job to them as well. Though my life has had some ups and downs one constant was to focus and see my beautiful girls grow up into special women. I couldn't be more proud of their academic and athletic ability, (I guess they have good genes! Haha) and focus on their future. They have set goals to go study in pursuit into the medical and legal fields! Oh geez god help me. 😁 Now it is time for me to look at taking care of myself as well. Continue to instill in my girls values of integrity, character, generosity, setting goals and respect towards others. My goals for self love and improvement, better lifestyle, hope to meet that special someone and improve on my health & fitness. Sound easy right!!! 😩😩 My work provides me to "Make a Difference in People Lives" now let's do that for ourselves. Many of you that know me see happy go lucky and fun life. Full of spirit and willing to help anyone and put smiles on people's faces. But I have also shielded some of my struggles with depression, stress and anxiety. Now It's time to focus on self improvement and to be selfish on enjoying life. Find that special person to laugh and travel the world. As life as it is goes by with a snap of your finger! 🙏 #love #family #support #ootd #daughters #realtor #agent #instagood #potd #dad #singledad #highschool #athlete #academics #scholarships #collegebound #selflove #selfimprovement #followme #giveback

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My cuties ❤️❤️❤️ Cuddles with my girls makes any day brighter ☀️ #mygirls #mumlife #daughters #love #cuddles

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Kids all dressed and out ready for school, #schoolrun #train #beautifulgirls #daughters #daddysgirls

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Wise Lola dropping some knowledge bombs. . “Pointy shoes that people call normal shoes, but they’re really not normal shoes”. Lola Riddle. . #Repost ・・・ PROPRIOCEPTION – HOW WE DETECT OUR BODIES’ MOTION THROUGH SPACE ✨ This is what Lola is developing as they climb, balance, run and jump. They’re working on having fun, but at the same time they’re also working on developing their Proprioception - awareness of how the body moves through the world. But what Lola notices most is how her VivoKids help her feet FEEL! As she says she doesn’t have to look down as she steps: ‘I can keep my head up!’ So how do her VivoKids help? 🤔 VivoKids have ultra-thin puncture resistant soles so feet feel as close to barefoot as possible. And feet that feel send more sensory messages to growing brains. (Unlike traditional shoes which are narrow, rigid and stiff, cutting off all this vital feeling and definitely not helping small, growing feet feel the world around them). So as Lola and her friends grow and explore the world around them, they’re also developing a sensitive, sensorial feedback system of her muscles, tendons and joints. It’s that proprioception! We think feeling is awesome – in shoes as in life in general! ♥️ Are your small wild people in Lola and her friends’ Barefoot Tribe? Join us! 🙌🏼 #freerangekids #vivobarefoot #livebarefoot #wildandfree #feetthatfeel #brainyfeet #wildkids #vivowildkids #outdoorkids #raisingchildren #letthemexplore #wildandbravelittles

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