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September 17th, 2018. As I moved north towards the widening circumference of the funnel shaped garden city, walking past Meadows, I came across a junction labeled as the Planet (right across the #BayfrontMRT). Concrete tributaries to different parts of the park split from this very point. With the limited time that I had on my hands and so much to do I had to make a choice. . Our choices make us who we are. No decisions are insignificantly impactful. Had I not resolved to visiting this park, I would surely have missed to appreciate the very perceptive & profound works of Marc Quinn ( marcquinnart ) . “The Planet” is a piece of art quintessentially representing the intersection of time - birth, innocence, paternal love & care, bare truth, separation, vulnerability and death - fused with those of Nature & Mother Earth. . The effigy of the white baby hovering naked is an ornamental part of the Garden’s ( gardensbythebay ) horticulture. Planet (2008), is a 10-metres long and weighs 7-tons painted white bronze and steel sculpture, (ostensibly) floating weightlessly above the ground (on a right-hand knuckle). It represents the artist’s 7-months son. (Source: Innoscience 2004, and Lucas, 2001). . I sat on a wooden log-like bench under the shades of a tree opposite the infantilized statue and took a bottle of water from my backpack. . “Hi, again. What are you thinking?”, said a familiar voice. The Caucasian “dude” was back with his befuddled look. . “Oh, hey. You’re lost?” I smiled smugly. I took long sip of water and enjoyed the shade of the tree, the soft puff of air cooling me off against my profuse sweat and the view of the buoyant tot. . Aren’t we all, I thought. . “I’m good.” He stood by for half a minute with his arms folded sharing a look at the masterpiece and then quickly walked away in an unknown direction, waving pleasantly at me. . #vacations with a4asifiqbal #marcquinn

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