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When couples Thrive together, everyone Attention GUYS – this one is for you! Hi! My name is Matthew Criner, and this is my Thrive Experience. Of course, like most men, my wife brought home some crazy new health product that I ignored. She nagged about how AWESOME it was, but I ignored her. After all, she had done so many different things that never really seemed to work. So, I ignored her but "watched"… Then, after a few months of seeing her bounce around all cheerful and full of energy, I decided to try it. However, I WAS not giving up my coffee. No way, not happening. Keep in mind I was drinking multiple cups a day. I "had" to have it! I could not function without it, or so I thought. Nevertheless, I started the 3 simple steps anyway, even after the wife telling me not to waste the money if I was still going to drink coffee. I am hard headed, and kept drinking my coffee! I noticed slight changes, much more energy and calmed general muscle aches. You see, I am a tractor-trailer driver that has to touch freight all throughout my 12-14 hour work day. I was worn out, with general aches all over. Thrive was helping, some, and my coffee cravings were dwindling. But, I wasn't quite ready to admit to my wife that she was right… haha! Then FINALLY, after several months of feeling "better" but not amazing, I decided to give it a TRUE try COFFEE FREE! You guys – the difference has been off the charts!!!!!!! No mid-day crash, all day energy, amazing sleep, mood support, and I have lost over 20 pounds! I no longer drink coffee, I do not even crave it. Who am I?!!! Listen to your wife, just do it! Trust me! I am a better dad, husband, and truck driver because of this product. Seriously. What are you waiting for? #THRIVE #THRIVEEXPERIENCE #nutritionalsupplements #weightmanagement #weightloss #ENERGY #TIRED #focus #aches #discomforts #RELIEF #rockstar #entrepreneur #HOMEBUSINESS #OPPORTUNITY #TIMEFREEDOM #SUCCESS #getfit #getbig #family #justdoit #humble #hustle #getresults #directsales #lifestyle #goals #simplicity #impact

16 2 Jun 23, 2018

My name is Becky Brittnacher and this is my Thrive Experience! I wasn't just surviving, I was struggling! Prior to Thrive, I was dealing with general aches/discomforts and exhaustion. I didn't know where to turn or what to do to improve my overall health and wellness. I worked out when I was able, ate a good balanced diet, and took vitamins. That just didn't seem to be cutting it. Then, I got a phone call from one of my very good girlfriends. My sister from a different miss and mista. She was talking so fast I had to slow her down. I'm thinking, why is she so happy and excited about some vitamin? Now I know you don't know us, but I would trust this friend with my life. Little did I know she was about to save mine. Without even trying the product I took the leap of faith. I hit the Promoter button, ordered my Thrive Experience, and began my life altering journey. Day 1: I woke up like all of the days prior, hitting the snooze at least 5 times before dragging myself out of bed in my normal bad mood. I took my capsules and began my routine of packing lunches and getting my step-daughter ready and off to school. 20 to 40 minutes later I had my Lifestyle Mix and applied my DFT. I have to say I felt results that very first day. It was mind-blowing! I didn't have to nap mid-way through the day and I got everything on my list of things to do done, AND MORE. Day 5: I noticed I was sleeping more restfully and woke up like sunshine and roses. Just picture when Sleeping Beauty wakes up in the forest with birds chirping and fluffy bunnies running around, that was me! Still not a single nap. I had gone to the gym my goal amount of days. My general aches and discomforts had calmed. I also seemed to have excellent muscle recovery. I'm thinking at this point, I'm surely not going to continue feeling this good. I will begin to go back to that lady that felt 10 years older than she actually was. That was not the case at all. I still feel as fantastic as I did that very first day 9 weeks later! It brings me to tears of joy realizing that I will never have to go back to that feeling of hopelessness ever again. Thanks to my three simple steps. Grateful and Blessed!

5 1 Jun 20, 2018

I wasn't looking for anything. I was 44 years old and in the best shape of my life. Sure, I'd get #tired late afternoons and want to just chill on my couch, but isn't that normal when you're in your mid-40s? My name is Laura Becker, and this is my Thrive Experience. For a year, my friend and neighbor Kevin Beauchamp would ask me every month, without fail, if I'd like to try Thrive. Every month, I'd politely tell him that I wasn't interested. I was with another health and fitness company, working out 6-7 days a week, eating clean 80% of the time, and feeling pretty good. And I thought no way would I be able to give up my two cups of coffee every day. Last August, he approached me again and offered me a full month of Thrive for free if I gave it an honest try. I said yes for three reasons. 1) I'm thrifty, so when I get offered a "free" deal, I'm gonna take it. 2) Research. I wanted to be able to tell my prospective customers who were contemplating Thrive that I tried it myself for a full month, and it did nothing for me. 3) I would once and for all be able to tell Kevin, "Thanks but no thanks. Not for me." On Day 1, I felt the difference in energy shortly after taking my capsules upon awakening on an empty stomach. I loved the simplicity of the Lifestyle Mix. I didn't have to use a blender nor add anything to it to make it taste good. I then placed the DFT on my skin. I crushed through my morning workout without the need for my usual pre-workout drink. And I did not miss my coffee! I was shocked! By Day 3, I was THRIVING! I had sustained energy all day long. I got so much done around the house and was able to focus on one task at a time without getting distracted. I was HAPPY! My kids were looking at me like, "What is up with Mom?" That night I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep with ease. Normally, I had trouble shutting my brain off at night, going through “to do” lists in my brain. Somehow though my body knew it was time to sleep, and #sleep happened quickly. By Day 10, my #digestive system had improved. I noticed that my shoulder #discomforts from lifting weights were beginning to calm. Needless to say, I did not tell Kevin,

215 7 Jun 16, 2018

Father’s Day🙎‍♂️is right around the corner! Let me help you get this, the Perfect package- your loved ones will Thank you! #Energy #Probiotics #Appetite support, helps with aches and #discomforts & more!!! I have some good bags left also!👏🏼 #Thrivin #menthrivetoo #dadbods #singleparents Mssg me for the hook🚤up today!!

14 1 Jun 14, 2018

👉ITS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT WEIGHTLOSS👈 🗣️ My Thrive Experience: I never wanted to lose weight and I didn't. I honestly didn’t know I NEEDED Thrive because I didn’t realize how amazing my body was designed to feel 🔸I THOUGHT hitting the snooze button 10-15 times every morning was normal 😴 🔹 I THOUGHT waking up 3-4 times a night was normal🤦‍♀️ 🔸I THOUGHT needing to take handfuls of vitamins and supplements several times a day was normal🤧 🔹 I THOUGHT drinking 5 CUPS of coffee EVERY DAY along with PRE-WORKOUT and POST-WORKOUT was normal🤪 🔸 I THOUGHT that because I was spending hundreds of every month on my health and fitness that I was feeling and looking the best I could.🤑 🔷 Then I started THRIVING… I noticed a difference in how I FELT before I noticed a difference in my appearance.😁 🔸 I was waking up BEFORE my alarm 🕟 🔹 I was sleeping through the night! 💤 🔸 I didn’t NEED coffee or pre-workout anymore! 🔹I was making better food choices because my body was craving healthier foods 🍽️ 🔸 I didn’t need a nap at 3pm.💁‍♀️ 🔹 I had more patience and was in a much better mood all day!🙆‍♀️ 🔸 I gave up 4 fitness memberships (yes, FOUR) and stopped spending hundreds of dollars a month on other supplements💰💰 As I mentioned, weight loss WAS NOT a goal for me. I wanted to FEEL better and build more lean muscle. 💪 I didn’t realize all these other amazing benefits I’d see just from Thriving. Just to recap: 💥Better Sleep 💥Wake up fully rested WITHOUT the alarm 💥Better appetite for the right foods 💥Better mood 💥SAVING $$$$ 💥Perform better when working out and not having to work out as much 🏋️‍♀️ 💥More productive👏 💥More focused🤓 I’m so happy that everything I THINK isn’t necessarily FACT, and I was willing to try something new. No way can I ever go back. #THRIVERFORLIFE #THRIVE #THRIVEEXPERIENCE #nutritionalsupplements #weightmanagement #weightloss #ENERGY #TIRED #focus #aches #discomforts #RELIEF #rockstar #entrepreneur #HOMEBUSINESS #OPPORTUNITY #TIMEFREEDOM #SUCCESS #getfit #getbig #family #justdoit #humble #hustle #getresults #directsales #lifestyle #goals #simplicity #impact

21 0 Jun 19, 2018

This was a big one for me. I never changed what I was eating but THRIVE helped me eat less (portion control) which enabled me to drop and keep off 30lbs. . . . . . . . . #THRIVE #THRIVEEXPERIENCE #nutritionalsupplements #weightmanagement #weightloss #ENERGY #TIRED #focus #aches #discomforts #RELIEF #rockstar #entrepreneur #HOMEBUSINESS #OPPORTUNITY #TIMEFREEDOM #SUCCESS #getfit #getbig #family #justdoit #humble #hustle #getresults #directsales #lifestyle #goals #simplicity #impact

20 2 Jun 14, 2018

👨🏼‍🏫 DID YOU KNOW THE STEPS??? Read 👇🏼 for the ❗️WHAT, WHY & HOW❗️ PREMIUM, PLANT BASED, 👉🏼clean👈🏼 ENERGY & WEIGHT MANAGEMENT. #AllNatural #CleanEnergy #Relief From Aches & #Discomforts #MentalClarity + AMAZING #DigestiveSupport + #Metabolism & #AppetiteControl *** No claims to cure or medicate ** The #ThriveExperience. 1 product = 3 simple steps. They are split apart, unique delivery system...on purpose. Here's how it works: 💊Step 1... the Capsules. First thing in the morning, while on an empty stomach, you take the capsules. You do this step on an empty stomach because you don’t want the nutritional benefits within those capsules to have to compete with other foods. You also have peak blood flow right when you make up, making it the most efficient time to take this step. The #nutrients that are inside the capsule are specifically formulated to neutralize the acids in the stomach and include the exact ingredients designed to be absorbed FIRST. Additionally, you’re body just potentially went through a 6-8 hour fast. The capsules will WAKE UP the body but specifically prepare your #digestivetract to receive whatever comes next... in this case...the Lifestyle Mix. 🥛Step 2... the Lifestyle Mix. 20-40 minutes later, you drink the Lifestyle Mix. Mix the ultra-micronized fine powder with liquid (adding food to make it into a smoothie will take away some of the effects of this formula). The nutrients inside the Lifestyle Mix powder are over 100 premium-grade uncooked crushed #RAWS that are specifically formulated to follow the ingredients in the capsules. They literally work together in synergy with the other steps. AND, this mix is LOADED with 1600 yogurts worth of #probiotics, top grade #prebiotics to nourish the probiotics, #peaprotein, #wheyprotein, micro/macro nutrients, #traceminerals, #antioxidants, #BCAA's and MORE! 💢Step 3... the DFT. This is the #wearablenutrition that has ingredients in it that are BEST absorbed through the derma (skin) for maximum absorption, bypassing the digestive system where some nutrients would get lost in the filter, the ingredients in the #DFT best absorption effectiveness.

16 1 Jun 16, 2018

Thrivin for 3 days and expecting your entire life to transform is like going to the gym for 3 days and expecting to come out with a six pack. It took at least 15 years to destroy your body, give thrive 8 weeks will ya..? #THRIVE #THRIVEEXPERIENCE #nutritionalsupplements #weightmanagement #weightloss #ENERGY #TIRED #focus #aches #discomforts #RELIEF #rockstar #entrepreneur #HOMEBUSINESS #OPPORTUNITY #TIMEFREEDOM #SUCCESS #getfit #getbig #family #justdoit #humble #hustle #getresults #directsales #lifestyle #goals #simplicity #impact

20 1 Jun 17, 2018

My W H Y- My Purpose. ❤️ My name is Stephanie Blowers and this is my Thrive Experience. Two Months ago..... two months ago my life changed when I found Thrive!! Yeah sure I watched for a while thinking yeah right, total skeptic & then at rock bottom I thought this is silly 💭WHY NOT ME?! I want that happiness, I NEED that energy.... I want to feel THAT GOOD- It’s not even about the products or the extra income while I love the products & I needed that extra money - it was never about either of those things it was solely about getting back to ME- I needed to be better I needed to feel good my kids MY WHY are always watching !! So when you ask me why I THRIVE it’s because I was sick of just ‘getting by’ I was over being exhausted 💤ALL the time- I was OVER not being comfortable in my own body!! With Thrive I was able to feel like myself again I love myself again & THAT right there was what I needed that was what I wanted for my kids, because they deserve the best version of me too. 💜 In just two short weeks with Le-Vel I hit Both VIP800 and VIP1600 - Plus A 4K VIP Bonus!! Lastly, I’ll leave you with this, two months ago I never thought I would be making extra money to put towards our future HOME 🏡 a place to call OURS👩‍👧‍👦or to take my kids places they’ve never been- give them experiences just by Helping other people feel great too, I never ever thought I would be making amazing friends through this journey but I have met the most powerful uplifting women, women who cheer other women on & these days that’s hard to find. 🔥 #THRIVE #THRIVEEXPERIENCE #nutritionalsupplements #weightmanagement #weightloss #ENERGY #TIRED #focus #aches #discomforts #RELIEF #rockstar #entrepreneur #HOMEBUSINESS #OPPORTUNITY #TIMEFREEDOM #SUCCESS #getfit #getbig #family #justdoit #humble #hustle #getresults #directsales #lifestyle #goals #simplicity #impact

23 1 Jun 14, 2018

My name is Rachel Bollig and this is my 2 year Experience!! Have you ever really #thought about how much you #wear your nutrition around on a #daily basis? From the general aches and #discomforts inside you, to your #sleep, to your #gut health, to your #mood, to the way you appear on the outside. I always thought I was a #healthy person. I took supplements, read food labels, ate as much #organic as possible and I exercised almost daily. Truth is, I was still unhealthy inside. I had general discomforts, did not sleep soundly, and after #teaching kindergarten every day, I yelled at my own kids. I was living on a hamster wheel and I was desperately seeking help. And then... God has a plan in mind that we never saw coming. So much #positive has happened in this #family, our #bodies, and our minds since my husband and I started Thriving. I’ll be happy to wear and share this Premium Nutrition for all the years to come! #bestlife #oneshot #shine #feelthedifference #bemoreyou #livefullyalive #bestyou

22 2 Jun 20, 2018

👀 For a year 😱 And that's have been watching...when tou are ready THRIVE will be too My name is Ruth Curtis and this is my 6-Week Thrive Experience... About a year ago, I started watching my friend Carol Thriving and was COMPLETELY AMAZED and pretty much sold on the idea, but didn't have the money to start yet. Once I was almost ready to order, I asked her some questions and she sent me a 6-Day Mini Experience. I liked it so much after 2 days that I stretched it out to last about 10 days and of course, I didn't get the full effect but knew it was working AND I wanted it!!! I officially started on April 11th and NEVER want to go back!!! I'm a single mom that was ALWAYS tired and ready for bed early almost every night. I am also dealing with some general discomfort so I usually put my (DFT) 3rd step where the general discomfort is and it's helping a LOT more than I thought it would, especially on my knees! The things I love most about Thrive is my overall feeling of being truly awake and aware and wanting to be, and my tummy feels like I'm 12 and thanks me constantly! I just lovvve Thriving and can't wait to do it for free and get all my friends doing it for free tooooo!!! Thanks Carol, Thrive and Le-Vel!!!!!!! #THRIVE #THRIVEEXPERIENCE #nutritionalsupplements #weightmanagement #weightloss #ENERGY #TIRED #focus #aches #discomforts #RELIEF #rockstar #entrepreneur #HOMEBUSINESS #OPPORTUNITY #TIMEFREEDOM #SUCCESS #getfit #getbig #family #justdoit #humble #hustle #getresults #directsales #lifestyle #goals #simplicity #impact

13 1 Jun 15, 2018

Let me help you!! Comment below which one(s) of these you are dealing with and the contents of the package are yours 🤗 Tag two of your friends and I will send them one as well!! ***must not be connected with another Le-Vel promoter 😉

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