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The happiest I’ve ever been is when daddy finally got home from a long trip!

10 1 Sep 19, 2018


22 2 Sep 19, 2018

This looks like just another dog picture on our feed, right? 👀 Well, it is, but it’s also a MIRACLE. 🙌🏼 Jackson is usually a blur of happy pupper energy 🌪 (aka impossible to take photos of) and, after snapping this, Lisa said, “OMG THIS IS MY GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT.” 😂 Also, he is really nailing the smoldering male model eyes. 🔥🔥🔥

174 8 Sep 19, 2018

Dream on Oscar. Besides you look gorgeous after your bath. 💚

11 1 Sep 19, 2018

Oh hello!

12 2 Sep 19, 2018

Err... what?!

63 2 Sep 19, 2018

Squee! It’s #barkboxday! I really need to record these box openings because #ladydelilah is just too excited and hilarious. (Swipe to see all the photos!) . We received the “bark vs toxicritters” superhero box. Inside were Drool and Super Chucks treats... and a butchers block bone “roasted beef steak” that Delilah stole out of the box and tried to eat still wrapped in plastic 😂 we got crab van goon, sensei whiskers and croc jaw toys (Delilah can’t decide which she likes most yet!) and at the end the boys wondered “is there anything in here for us?” Second box and we confirm! #barkboxdayisthebestday and Delilah is ecstatic (and ruined her dinner with that beef steak!). Things I need to work on - maybe open the box after dinner. She wants that big treat and I just can’t say no 😂 also have something for my boys 😹. What in the world am I gonna do with all these toys? Thanks #Barkbox! 🐾❤️ #tailsofahounddog

27 15 Sep 19, 2018

We love our furry friends! 🐕

26 1 Sep 19, 2018

I’m posing for the treat 😋🍖

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