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Regranned from politico - Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen announced Monday that she will leave the central bank once she steps down as Fed chief in early February, though her term on the board doesn't end until 2024. 🔸 The announcement comes nearly three weeks after President Donald Trump decided to nominate Fed Governor Jerome Powell as the next U.S. central bank head, replacing Yellen with a similarly minded but Republican chairman. 🔸 Yellen's move means the agency will have a fourth vacancy it needs to fill. Trump has already installed a vice chair of supervision, Randal Quarles, on the Fed's board and will have the opportunity to name his own vice chair and three more governors. 🔸 Other than Powell, the only remaining appointee of former President Barack Obama is Fed Governor Lael Brainard, once considered a front-runner to serve as Treasury secretary under a Hillary Clinton administration. 🔸 "I am enormously proud to have worked alongside many dedicated and highly able women and men, particularly my predecessor as Chair, Ben S. Bernanke, whose leadership during the financial crisis and its aftermath was critical to restoring the soundness of our financial system and the prosperity of our economy," Yellen said in her resignation letter. — VICTORIA GUIDA 📷: AP.Images #yanetyellen #fed #federalreserve #politics #resignation #donaldtrump #presidenttrump #trump #barackobama #obama #presidentobama #jannetyellen #yellen

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Hate when this happens..

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