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Ode to Green Pepper, Hand Drawing Edition #food #art #create #playwithyourfood #chef #cheflife #pepper #dontstopwontstopcantstop #foodart

11 0 Jun 21, 2018

#captureyour365 #expression 📷 • • These are not my words, but it is my goal! My feelings, Elliot’s words! ☺️ As a practicing photographer, I’m working and learning to look at the world around me and to see my life with new eyes👀 • • #cy365 #cy3652018 #dayfortytwo #photographyexploration #photographywithintention #mindful #photographyquoteoftheday #texasphotographer #workinghard #photography #naturephotography #funphotography #nextchapter #keepmovingforward #addictedtophotography📷 #dontstopwontstopcantstop

44 1 Jun 21, 2018

My package came today for my new program. Can’t wait to start! 4 days a week 3 rest days Even 1 cheat day a week 😳 Are you ready? Know someone who may be interested send them my way! #healthylifestyle #myjourney #dontstopwontstopcantstop

13 0 Jun 14, 2018

Some quick meal prep before I head off to baseball tonight. This took 15 mins to prepare. 5 meals. 4 lunches and a dinner. Tuesday is golf day with my work so lunch and dinner is provided but I have a hair appointment on Thursday so I’ll take my dinner with me Thursday so I can eat it before my appointment. You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen to prep your meals. I have extra fruit and veggies ready for the week too. Beginning of last week started off well but I may have indulged a bit too much on the weekend 🙈 Tomorrow is Monday. New week new day new chance. #momof3 #momoftwins #fitmom #dontstopwontstopcantstop #healthylifestyle #mealprepsunday #fitnessmotivation #baseball

22 0 Jun 18, 2018

Flash back Friday! September 24 I decided I was done with feeling crappy and tired of being overweight. That’s when I restarted my journey. I completed a number of different workouts that were only 30 mins in length because I knew I could find 30 minutes each day to commit to myself. I started meal planning and prepping every Sunday this way I was set up for the week! In January I committed to probably the most intense program I’ve ever done. 80 days of workouts, 90 days of committing. That meant getting up at 4:30 in the morning to get my workout and pre workout meals in. I didn’t know if I could do the same program for that long. That program changed me on many different levels. I’ve lost 30 pounds and over 25” inches. I always thought I should go to the gym but with 3 kiddos and working full time and other sports going on I needed a different option. I’m so glad I can do these workouts from home while my kids are sleeping in bed or playing around me. The support of everyone has also helped me through this first part of my journey. It’s not a diet or a fad. It’s a lifestyle change that I’ve made for MYSELF and my family. Even though weight loss was my main goal I’ve had so many others as well. My endurance and cardio has improved. Running the bases for baseball feels so much better. I’ve learned to control my breathing. So many non scale victories and well as the weight loss. I feel great, and clothes that I haven’t worn in years I’m able to wear again. YOU are the only one who knows when the time is right. Just remember: There is not perfect time to start. There will be holidays, there will be vacations and there will be life. You gotta decide to go when YOU are ready. You don’t have to post on your Instagram or Facebook but I do because it holds me accountable. Somewhere there is someone watching who may be inspired to make that First small change. #healthylifestyle #myjourney #dontstopwontstopcantstop #health #wellness #fitlife #fitmom #momof3 #momoftwins

49 13 Jun 15, 2018

Breakfast: My shakeology and a couple hard boiled eggs this morning. No time to cook scrambled eggs today. Will also have a banana. #healthistmealoftheday #healthylifestyle #yummybreakfast #myjourney #dontstopwontstopcantstop

6 3 Jun 13, 2018

Day 4 FULL body HIIT! No weights no bands just HIIT. Loved that this was short but still got a great workout in. Was awake around 3am with something banging around on my deck. Go down to see what it is and there’s something in my garbage outside. Wait for a bit and it’s a RACCOON! Second night in a row so had to clean up stuff and head back to bed. Didn’t want to get it if bed and hit snooze a few times. Finally got up and pushed play! #healthylifestyle #myjourney #dontstopwontstopcantstop #fitmom #fitnessmotivation

17 3 Jun 15, 2018

Lunch time remembered my cherries today 😍 #healthylifestyle #myjourney #dontstopwontstopcantstop

14 0 Jun 13, 2018

Shake time before heading to the golf course today. #healthylifestyle #dontstopwontstopcantstop #notagolferatall #goingtohavefun #itsnotabaseballbat

16 0 Jun 19, 2018

Day 3 shoulders and arms with core work. It’s amazing how sweaty you can get from a 20 min workout. Cannot wait for this program to be released in full. #healthylifestyle #myjourney #dontstopwontstopcantstop #fitmom #liift4life

16 0 Jun 14, 2018

Feeling better than ever.💪💪 #dontstopwontstopcantstop

81 2 Jun 21, 2018

My dad taught me to be independent, resilient, family is first, strong, courageous, grateful, nothing is accomplished w/o effort and to be respectful. There are things my dad didn’t teach me and I wish he had BUT because of the things he did teach I am able to fiercely learn the things he didn’t. I’ve learned parents aren’t perfect a lesson I have to relearn every day. They are just people who were given the amazing opportunity to be parents, so I stopped expecting perfection and learned acceptance and Love. I’ll always love my dad in his imperfections and his perfections. He’ll always be my hero and I’ll forever be his girl. Happy Fathers Day to all the dads, who get up every dad and do the best damn job they can at being Dads. We love you for it!! #dontstopwontstopcantstop #happyfathersday #grownasswoman #grateful #lovemydaddy #blackdads #blackdadsmatter and yes #alldadsmatter 😀 #daddyslittlegirl who grew up to be a strong ass independent woman, he’d like that

46 3 Jun 17, 2018

So for the first time in a long long time. I actually wore shorts this weekend. For anyone that knows me knows I DO NOT wear shorts. Doesn’t matter how hot it is I will wear pants. It was just at home outside but I still went in and put shorts on when I was sitting out on my back deck with my younger sister. I’ve never been one to wear shorts and my with weight and self confidence wasn’t there. I also really don’t like my legs still don’t. But I’m proud I was able to at least put shorts on and feel comfortable. Cheers to no. Scale victories #fitmom #dontstopwontstopcantstop #healthylifestyle #fitnessmotivation #shorts #feelinggreat

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