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. Hi. I'm a girl who's trying to find any kind of way and informations to contact this boy right here. His name is Jiyoon, he lives in Busan, South Korea. On July he had to go in military service. That's all I know. I'm trying to find a way to message him so desperately because I fell in love with him. I got to know him on an app called "Doongle". It's an app where you can make foreign friends. I began to talk with him and I truly loved the way he was caring about me, the way we talked every day. I know for sure that he had no reasons to leave me like this, because we just liked (as friends, as lovers, as whatever) each other so much. One day, he asked me if I ate lunch. I said yes. And after that, he disappeared. We even planned to see each other in the future before he goes to the military service. And he just disappeared. The only way I talked with him was kakao talk, and he probably deleted his account. And now, I'm left with nothing. I don't know how to contact him. I just want to say hi, or goodbye, or ask the reason why he disappeared. Please, if you know something about him, tell me everything you know in DM. 영어 잘 못알아들으면 저한테 DM 해주세요! 이 사진에 있는분 아시는 사람만.

8 1 Aug 31, 2017

둥글 이라고 외국인들이랑 소통할수있는 인스타같은 앱을 요즘 하는데 꿀잼이다 외국인들도 알아갈수있고 나름? 영어 공부도되고 문화도 알아갈수있고..근데 대체적으로 사용하는 국가가 터키나 인도 타이페이등 동유럽이나 서아시아쪽?국가가 많다는게 단점 #doongle #둥글 #외국인 #어플 #챗 #잼있음 #친구도생김

7 1 Aug 30, 2017

I look a nice guy here lmao #asianboy #filipino #vincers #chinito #doongle

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