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Are you READY?!?! Our St. Patrick's Day line up is set and we are ready to have a blast. We have the Celtic Academy of Irish dance doing two performances...thats right.. TWO!Who doesn't love Irish dancers on St. Patrick's Day, they will be kickin off our party. Then we have Dj jefftrittmusic, who will keep it going on the ones and twos until 3Piece Revival hits our stage at 10pm. Also we are offering 3$ Baby Guinness, 5$ Green Bud Light, 5$ Jameson Car Bombs, and 3$ Four Leaf Clover Shots . But lets not stop there... Let's throw in Chef Bekah's Reuben Fritters aka Paddy Puppies!! So grab your friends and join us for St. Patrick's Day 🍀 🍀 its gonna be one for the books. #Bar145 #Bar145Doesitbetter #StPatricksDay #Leprechauns #LuckOfTheIrish #FourLeafClover #GreenBeer #Djs #liveentertainment #IrishDancers #Guinness #DrinkingDays #DrinkingHolidays #Specials #ItsWhatWeDo #alldaylong #Bar145Partiees #RedChucks #GreenLuck #IrishCarBombs #FoodPorn #TurnUp #SaturdaysAreForParties #ThisOneIsEpic

16 1 Mar 14, 2018

I became a coach because I was wanting to inspire at least o n e person into taking care of their health, make better habits, and get on a path to loving themselves from the inside out. — Inspire. Encourage. Empower. — Before I became a coach I was: -eating junk food all the time. -going out on weekends and drinking. -slept in every chance I got -always was running late to work because the snooze button was my best friend. -I was self conscious of my skinny legs. -I craved some kind of schedule and balance. -I was so tired of looking around at “fit” people upset that I couldn’t do it because I wasn’t in shape or an extrovert. -and I was always a skeptic on people drinking supplements. -plus I’m the most shy/introvert person so I didn’t want friends — One day I decided to be bold and try something new because let’s face it, what I was currently doing wasn’t going to get me anywhere so what did I have to lose? — My life now: I eat healthish most of the time. I don’t go out partying on the weekends. I am learning to master my mornings. I broke up with my snooze button except for on a few occasions we meet up.😅 I am proud of my legs now because of how much muscle I have gained and what my legs allow me to accomplish is unbelievable! Learning to balance my life has kept me from feeling drained and overwhelmed. I realized that I don’t have to be an extrovert to be a virtual coach and I don’t have to be in perfect shape to begin my journey. I am the healthiest I have ever been since I started drinking my daily superfoods smoothie! (if you look at how long and strong my nails are now you will agree something has to be fueling my body the way it needs) -honestly I didn’t realize how much I needed this community of women in my life. Surrounding myself with women that are all working towards a happier healthier life is what I needed. Sisterhood. Simplicity. Purpose. — Being bold was the best decision I ever made because it changed my life completely. — I am mentoring a few girls this month on how to rock the coaching biz if you are ready to be bold and try something new! What’s there to lose?

119 6 Feb 23, 2018

... sure, just cut em up like regular chicken ... #sprittenbeitag #farmerboys #drinkingdays #faschingsumzug2018

10 0 Feb 11, 2018

Organic Winery, mini micro brewery and alllll the small batch handcrafted spirits tour on Waiheke 👌🏻 🥂🍺🥃 shout out to deb.law59 #drinkingdays #waihekeisland #momsrock

24 0 Feb 17, 2018

#tbt to our drinking days . I definitely dont miss those days . But that's wifey though 😍😘 #meyouandhennessy #drinkingdays #wifey

27 5 Feb 14, 2018

Time for shit food. #drinkingdays #veteran #cannabis #canada

49 2 Mar 3, 2018

Nothing I love more than spending a day in the sun....not that you'd know it from my Casper skin 😜 #sunseeker #heatwave #caspertheghost #tantime #theboyfriendshirt #gcliving #raven #sunkissed #broadbeach #gclife #bikintime #beachday #drinkingdays

71 19 Feb 14, 2018

If you're going to lie, lie for a #friend. If you're going to cheat, cheat death. If you're going to steal, steal a #heart. And if you're going to drink, drink with me #drinkingdays #funtimes #goodtimes #laissezlesbontempsrouler #drinkup #thebeautifulthings #cheat #lie #stealing #life

8 0 Mar 11, 2018

#tbt #throwbackthursday Summer of 2008 - There was bottles being held up in the pics before & we were having such a good time we just starting picking up random items for the camera & we’re falling down laughing so hard. I’ve never laughed so much taking a picture before & this was definitely one of the funnest times I ever had drinking lol. #goodtimes #drunkenhistory #drunkhumor #falldownlaughter #laughs #drinkingdays #throwback

27 3 Feb 22, 2018

The sun is my filter ☀️ #sunnydays #almostsummer #blueeyes #bringonsummertime #budlight #drinkingdays

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