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Travel snack Veggies. Better than any airplane food. . HF 1-2: cauliflower, broccoli, bell pepper, onion HF 3: - HF 4: - Dairy: - Fat: - #senseslankmedfornuft #sensekost #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #healthysnack #eatmoregreens #eatclean #instafood #travelfood

6 0 Aug 20, 2018

Food-prep Sunday. 😍👍👏 I love when I’m this organized which, honestly, is not that often. 😭 #foodprep #foodprepsunday #saladinajar #asaladaday #eatmoregreens #salad #meatfree #glutenfree #dairyfree #crueltyfree #organized #sunday #vegansofinstagram #plantbased #eatrealfood #wfpb #findyourhappy ❤️

18 0 Aug 20, 2018

Lunch Last meal in Nova Scotia - naturally it had to be a lobster roll with a coleslaw and fries. I wish salad was an option, but oh well. Vacation is always different with the meals. Love the lobster though. . HF 1-2: cabbage, carrots HF 3: lobster HF 4: bun, fries Fat: mayonnaise Dairy: - . #senseslankmedfornuft #sensekost #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #healthylunch #eatmoregreens #eatclean #summerfood #sundlivsstil #eatyourgreens #colorfulfood #eatmoreveggies #vacationeats #novascotialobster #lobsterroll

11 0 Aug 20, 2018

How are you feeding your soul on this #soulfoodsunday? 💚 . . Repost via abbeyskitchen - Did you hear the news? Sandwiches are out and wraps are in! But not just any wrap, collard green wraps are the new wrap! They're sturdy, nutritious and the perfect carrier for all your tasty fillings! To get you started, I've put together THREE Vegan Collard Green Wrap recipes that you are going to LOVE. From Sweet Potato and Apple to Black Bean and Avocado, I've got some tasty options for you to try. ⠀ ⠀ Hit up the link in my profile for the recipe! ⠀

24 1 Aug 20, 2018

Rob surprised me with some Debbie Meyer green boxes. So excited! If you don’t have these, I highly recommend them to keep your food fresher for longer. I’m off to wash them & put my greens, fruits & veggies in them. No more spoiled produce for us. 💚💚💚 #debbiemeyergreenboxes #green #greenboxes #freshproduce #greens #eatyourgreens #eatmoregreens #vegetarianfood #vegan #veganfood #vegansofinstagram #hclfvegan

14 1 Aug 20, 2018

عشا اليوم نباتي بدون أي بروتين 🍃🌿🌱

26 3 Aug 19, 2018

Love this lunch salad of grilled vegetables and mozzarella cheese on a bed of mixed greens and served with some bread #ilovesalads #eatmoregreens #salad #eatright #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #healthychoices #foodchoices #healthandfitness #healthandwellness #foodaroundtheworld #eatmoreveggies

13 0 Aug 19, 2018

Fruits N’ Greens fed to a happy Ale 😊😍 #obssesed #eatmoregreens

20 1 Aug 19, 2018

I’m the kind of girl who enjoys watermelon with my breakfast, colourful, fibre rich Buddha bowls for lunch, a beer or two in the afternoon, and a some dairy free ice cream for dessert (looking at you norasicecream!). I know myself well enough to understand that restriction does NOT work for me. Telling myself I “can” and “can’t” have certain things just takes the fun of food (and no, being vegan is not the same thing as being “restrictive” for me). I indulge. I enjoy the “not so healthy” foods and drinks I consume (because I choose them consciously). I don’t feel guilty afterward. And I certainly don’t apologize for not fitting the mold of what you all might expect a (future) holistic nutritionist should be, look, or eat like. We’re all unique. We all have different ways of enjoying food and drinks. We all thrive on different types of diets. And we all have the right to shape our lifestyle to feed our happiness (of course, the more plants, the better, but that’s a topic for a different day 😉). What are the foods or drinks you indulge in that bring you joy?

77 8 Aug 20, 2018

#fooddiary today . Breakfast was a green apple with a piece of protein bar . That filled me up until lunchtime . Which was lettuce with bell pepper pesto sauce and some pistachios. Dessert was a mandarin orange and a #seasaltcaramel . I took a nap and read a book. Dinner now was not necessary and I ate without being hungry ... feeling full now . #fruits scramble egg #pistachios and a piece of #milkachocolate with my husband .

11 3 Aug 20, 2018

Scared 😦 of starting a new program because it’s hard to part ways with what you’re used to? Or you’re afraid of stopping something and then not being able to keep your motivation on starting something new. Maybe it’s been working out for you but now it’s too easy or maybe your results have slowed down and even plateaued. This is all normal during a health and weight loss journey. Everyone goes through it. You’re not alone💕 I was used to group fitness classes and I plateaued. In classes I never had an opportunity to lift the way I do now. Surprise, surprise I didn’t think I would see a day where I could lift a 50b dumb bell in a sumo squat. I am shocking myself😁. This pic of me is working on gaining back muscles! What! Once upon a time I just wanted to lose weight. Now I want muscles in my upper back. I kicked my fears of change and decided to give it shot and try something I never thought I would.Thankful that I did because I’m never going back to that girl who was fearful and doubtful. It works. It starts with you taking a chance and starting something new. Putting your fears and doubts aside and jumping in with both feet. You can do this too. How will you ever know it works until you try😊💕

13 1 Aug 20, 2018

¿Cenamos? Acabamos el día con una ensaladita diferente: mix de brotes verdes 🥗🥗, cebolla, pimiento rojo, tomate 🍅 y pulpo 🐙 😋😋 De postre: fresas 🍓🍓 😇 🤤 Buenas noches 🌜🌜 €<10'00 €/persona💰

41 4 Aug 19, 2018

Our Baby Cos is in perfect supply and is looking great. These pictures were taken on the farm... 😍 . Who’s eating some for dinner this evening? We are! 🍽 #eatmoregreens #lifeonthefarm

17 1 Aug 20, 2018

I’ve never tried pickling before, but mommacord3 taught us the ways and now we have some dills, spicy beans and bread and butter pickles to show for it. It takes time (carve out at least a day) but in 3 months, the effort is going to be worth it. 🥒🌶

77 3 Aug 20, 2018

What, whaaaa??!! 🙌 Week 4 of 6 #hypernourishing #immunehealing #rawvegan #mealprep 🙌🌿 On the Menu: 3 Green Smoothies a day (lots of spinach & kale) Flax and Chia Seeds for smoothies Mango, Pineapple, Cherries & Banana for smoothies Berry, mint & kale/spinach salad "Cream cheese" stuffed mini bell peppers Kale Cesar salad with squash spirals, zucchini, & crispy chickpeas Broccoli slaw with tofu Squash spirals & carrot Asian salad Raw taco lettuce wraps Raw Veggies & fruit Guacamole for dipping Raw crusts for avocado veggie "toast" I'm so hungry! 😋😍 I can't believe after this week it'll be a month! Had no itching today, hooray!! Oh, except mosquito bites when I repotted some plants. 😝 If you’re wondering what Dr. Brooke Goldner’s protocol entails (please check her out), here’s the short story — 6 steps: DON’TS ❌ - All Animal Products (Well easy peasy, done! They are highly inflammatory and there are NO nutrients you need in them that you can’t get from plants.) ❌ - Oils (they are inflammatory) ❌ - Processed Foods (of course sugar, toaster waffles and this also includes rice and pasta 😬) DO’S ✔️ - Raw Vegetables (has to be the majority, at least 6 cups leafy greens) ✔️ - High-dose Plant-based #Omega3s (at the very least a 1/2 cup flax or chia whole, ground before adding to smoothie) ✔️ - High Water Intake (at least a gallon if over 120lbs) 64oz smoothie is recommended, I’m going to break this into 3 smoothies in my individual serving nutri-ninja cups. NO supplements are necessary!!! You hear me? No powders, no pills, no colored drinks, no detoxes, no herbs! Just real food. Do what you gotta do to take control of your health. Do it, do it! 💚💚💚 Cheers to another new week guys!! ...and my new journey to stop the itch! 😆 #veganmealprep #veganfoodprep #smoothieshred #autoimmune #dermatitis #APD #rawfood #veganfood #veganlife #overcomer #catmom #plantbasedlife #dairyfree #glutenfree #poweredbyplants #plantbaseddiet #plantstrong #plantshaveprotein #eatmoreplants #eatmoreveggies #rabbitfood #eatyourgreens #eatmoregreens

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