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Semmonen näppästiin. Tai siis muru teki, mä kuvasin 😅 Inni viis vee ja hän sai tarhaan viedäkseen tällaisen monsterin 👊 #watermelonshark #vesimelonihai #foodart #eatyourfruits #täytekakutonniinlastseason

14 2 Oct 17, 2018

#gutenmorgen & schönen Mittwoch ihr Lieben💖🍀 Für mich gibt's jetzt #quarkporridge mit Mandarinen🍊 & Heidelbeeren, einen starken Kaffee & dann bin ich bereit für den #wahnsinndesalltags 😉 Was gibt's bei euch heute zum #frühstück?! #gutenmorgen #goodmorning #frühstück #breakfast #frühstücksliebe #healthybreakfast #healthyfood #gesund #eatyourfruits #breakfastbowl #frühstücksfreude #quarkporridge

52 2 Oct 17, 2018

Many people today are living fast-paced lifestyles, & have grown accustomed to eating fast-food, convenience food & processed food. These foods not only lack the essential minerals & vitamins needed for optimal growth & cellular function, but are also filled with pesticides, antibiotics & hormones, not to mention chemical additives. Is it any wonder people are getting sicker & sicker? 🤒 Every moment of every day, subtle changes within our bodies are happening at the cellular level. If the body does not get vital nutrients for healing (cellular repair & regeneration), it will sooner or later show this imbalance in the manifestation of disease. 🌿🥦Choose wisely today, so you can keep your health & won’t have to suffer later on! #eathealthyfood #wholefoods #nofastfood #eatyourfruits #eatyourveggies #rawfood

10 0 Oct 17, 2018

Food matters . . . When we start eating food without labels, we no longer need to count calories #wanderlustpinay🌷 ———————————————— #FruitDiet #EatYourFruits #FoodsFoftheSoul

424 8 Oct 17, 2018

Trying to eat healthy #yegfood #eatyourfruits #fitness

9 0 Oct 17, 2018

Imagine everyone gifted their fruit from their own backyards to people who needed them most. Today, 3 students tried tangerines for the first time. Thank you Ella for today’s surprise, and for inspiring other students to give. . . . . #elementaryschool #backyard #growityourself #growth #influencer #younginfluencers #settingexamples #leadership #leadbyexample #homegrown #inspiration #giftideas #gift #giving #givingback #donate #thegiftofgiving #gratitude #fruits #citrus #clementine #orange #ripe #nutritionist #foodoverdrugs #frugivore #schoolnurse #healthykids #eatyourcolors #eatyourfruits

46 1 Oct 17, 2018

Beach please😏

15 1 Oct 17, 2018

Sandwich Sandwich? Is there a good one? Should we eat sandwiches? Is it healthy? I don’t know. We can talk about not using bread white flour, putting some seeds in bread, some vegetables, not eating cooked ham which is full of preservatives…… And it is all true, but….. Very few of us can every day eat healthy food, for many reasons(lack of will, time, knowledge) So if you must eat sandwich try to mix & change ingredients, just like I did with this one: mayonnaise, cooked beet, eggs, pepperoni salami, smoked ham, lettuce.And this is what I had at home at the moment, you can add some cheese if you have it, or anything else you like. I believe it is the same in life, often only thing you need to do is to mix & change! Don’t hang out with same people all the time, especially if you don't genuinely like them, don’t stay in a bad relationship, don’t go to work you hate and go out of your comfort zone! Easy to say hard to do? YES I KNOW!  But it's not the reason not to do it! It is like watching good sports show, football game, tennis or something and sitting in a comfortable armchair, but is much better to go out and run!! . Repost From : cookingwithned

38 3 Oct 17, 2018

Skillet meal from gardein to which I added corn, spinach and baby tomatoes served in my new favorite bowl from shedpottery Saving the planet one meal at a time and supporting local businesses never felt better. If you haven't been to the shedpottery you are missing out on meeting the most amazing people who are extremely talented. Their shop is sure to please the most finicky of people 🌱 🥗 #supportlocalbusiness #veganisthefuture #veganisthenewnormal #veganfortheanimals #veganfortheplanet #veganformyhealth #veganforyouandi #veganbecauseiwantto #veganbecauseicare #vegan #vegansofinsta #vegansofig #vegansofinstgram #veganfoodshare #veganfoodporn #veganfood #vegancooking #veganlife #veganliving #noharmdone #crueltyfree #plantbased #dairyfree #whatveganseat #eatyourfruits #eatyourveggies #eatlikeyougiveafuck #anythingyoucaneaticaneatvegan #veganasfuck

34 0 Oct 17, 2018

Consistent action brings forth result. . . So, be patient, consistent & positive with yourself and the process through it, eventually your day will come. . . Healthy eating is a lifestyle. Lifestyle means daily engagement for a long period of time to a life time. . . You get it now?? . . So don’t be in a hurry to see results. As long as you are working & putting in action, with time the result will be crystal clear 😁 . . OK! Let’s redirect our attention back to this breakfast smoothie inspiration. (Swipe left to prep into the smoothie😋😋) . Deets👇 1 large banana + 1 cup of blueberries + 2 tbsp of Greek yoghurt + 1 tbsp of peanut butter + vanilla extract for extra flavoring 🔸blend with 1 cup of water & enjoy.

62 3 Oct 17, 2018

Good morning my dear ones 😃 and Happy Humpday 💚. First a Green Smoothie with Graviola polpinha [unpaid advertising]! What was in it, I put again into the story! They are for the 2 lovely girls vegan.niinja and littlekalegirl and their #greensmoothiewednesday! You get Polpinha at Kaufland and if you want to know more, have a look at my highlights under Events !. Have a fantastic Wednesday, I hug you, your Danny 🤗💚😘 . . Guten Morgen meine Lieben 😃 und Happy Humpday 💚 . Als erstes ein Green Smoothie mit Graviola polpinha [unbezahlte Werbung]! Was alles drin war, stelle ich wieder in die Story! Die sind wieder für die 2 lieben Mädels vegan.niinja und littlekalegirl und ihrem #greensmoothiewednesday !. Polpinha gibt es bei Kaufland und wenn ihr mehr darüber wissen wollt, schaut mal in meine Highlights unter Events!. Jetzt startet gut in den Mittwoch, ich drück euch, eure Danny 🤗💚😘 #ilovepolpinha # #bestofvegan #erstmalfrühstücken #breakfastvegan #homemadebreakfast #homemadevegan #healthyvegan #veganbreakfast #vegancommunity #vegandeutschland #vegandanny #vegangermany #veganheroes #veganhealthy #veganshare #worldwideveganfood #whatveganseatforbreakfast #plantbasedfood #magicalfood #crueltyfreefood #wheredoyougetyourprotein #veganinspo #eatyourfruits #healthyfood #gesundessen #eatarainbow #unicornfood #greensmoothie #eatyourgreens

86 16 Oct 17, 2018

Mein heutiges Frühstück taufe ich ❤️💕SEA OF LOVE💕❤️ Kann man aber nicht drin baden🏊‍♂️ Ich wollte es nicht SEA OF TUTTI FRUTTI nennen 🍓🍊🍉🍈🍇🍍🍌🍒 denn das hört sich mehr nach einem Namen für eins dieser Kreuzfahrtschiffe 🚢an, die durch den Panamakanal düsen. 🌴 So, und damit hat der Nico auch schon alles gesagt für heute, kein Geschwafel, nur noch ein paar liebe💕Worte, für all die Liebe💕, die mir hier jeden Tag zuteil wird. Meine Lieben💕Herzchenverteiler💕, ich bin ganz verliebt in euch😍😍😍 Ihr lieben Kommentatoren, ich bin ganz sprachlos 😶😶😶 (Ok, der war jetzt nicht schlecht oder🤭🤭🤭) Ich würd mich auch freuen, wenn wir und so kurz vor 2000 einpendeln können. Mal 1989, mal 1999. Na, was war 1989 und was war 1999. 1999 war in jedem Fall das Jahr vor dem Jahr 2000 Was für eine Zahl 2000, da kann man schon mal durchdrehen.🤪 Lieber nicht. 🤯 Ist genau das gleiche wie___ Gehste zum Bäcker und bestellst 1999 Brötchen. 🥐 "Sagt der Bäcker, warum nimmste nicht 2000?"🍞 "Ja, wer soll die denn alle essen?"🥖 Ok, so viel zu meiner Liebesbotschaft 💕für heute, macht Liebe 💕und 🎀Babyglück🎀 und habt einen MEGA Mittwoch Es grüßt, der nico.stanitzok . . . #fruit #fruits #breakfast #fruitsalad #realfood #realbreakfast #pineapple #papaya #raspberry #apple #breakfastbowl #picoftheday #realfood #fitfood #wholefoods #mindbodygram #goodmoodfood #cookbookauthorlife #gesundundlecker #gesundundfit #eatyourfruits #eatyourcolors #cleaneating #eathealthy #fitfood #eatfresh #healthy

79 10 Oct 17, 2018

Chicken and Green Bean Stir Fry 🌱 {Here's a simple meal that does not skimp on flavor, to add into your weeknight, or food prep rotation}. Makes 4 servings 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 Ingredients: 1 Tbsps avocado or olive oil, 500g skinless boneless chicken breast, cut into bite sized pieces, 1 tsp dried oregano, 1/2 tsp ground ginger, 1/2 tsp garlic powder, or 2-3 fresh garlic cloves minced, 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper, 400g fresh green beans cut into halves, 2 Tbsp coconut aminos or tamari, sea salt and fresh ground black pepper to your taste, 2 Tbsp sesame seeds 🥗 In a small bowl sprinkle chicken with cayenne pepper, ginger, garlic, oregano, pinch of sea salt and pepper. Rub the seasonings into the chicken really well. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium high heat. Stir fry chicken for 5-7 minutes, until browned and cooked through. Add in green beans, coconut aminos and stir frequently for another 3-5 minutes, or until softened a bit. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and enjoy! Thanks cleanfoodcrush 💚 . Repost From : myofunction

48 4 Oct 17, 2018

Isn’t it such a yucky feeling to be doing something you wish you’d said no to? ::: I don’t have a lot of regret, but there are a choice few knee jerk yes’s that ended me in a spaghetti tangle of doing things that just weren’t a good use of my time or just didn’t feel good. ::: Next week I’m teaching my first workshop in a year (yay!) and it’s all about how to honor your sacred time so that you don’t let others hijack it. ::: You can sign up at the link in my profile. ::: It is SO important that we honor our right to say no and our precious time in business as well as every other area of our lives. ::: Our income depends on it. Our peace depends on it. Our power depends on it. And the well-being of the young women and men who are watching us to see how to treat women are watching us. ::: We did a whole episode of The Kate & Mike Show today and went into how to know what to say yes and no a poignant (and silly) sidebar on why I struggle with feeding my family. ::: Listen in on whatever podcast app you listen on. ::: What have you said yes to in the past or lately that you wished you’d said no to? ::: Workshop: . Repost From : katenorthrup

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