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swipe for a collab!! you guys better follow wassxbi she’s so talented she did Leo and I did River, ugh she made it look amazing * fc , 10,140 ac , mxrtincz * #martineztwins #ivan #ivanmartinez #emilio #emiliomartinez #twins #identicaltwins #jakepaul #edit #videostar #spain #boy #fanedit #jawline #ae #aftereffects #omgpage #like #follow #followme #followforfollow #riverphoenix #standbyme #chrischambers #leonardodicaprio #titanic #thebeach

17 1 May 21, 2018

I like it like that Over used audio ! Fc_2439 Ac_idk lmk ib_ uh no one Cc_me Dt_ heartsforemi martinezmeaning martineztwinzzz.fp rbcamartinez Tag her ! #guccitwinsgrp #europagrp #lexafiscultgrp

9 12 May 21, 2018

PART 3 You: Ivan, I'm okay..y/bff just left. Ivan: y/n, I know you're strong. So, I want to be a part of your strong story. You: What?😹 I'm the heroin now ?omg😹😹 Yall laughs. Ivan: Damn, I miss her laughs *murmured to himself* You: What? Ivan: Nothing,Chubby Cheek. Btw let's go out. I means,now? You: Here ? I'm wearing pajamas lol 😂 Ivan: *grab your hands and help you jump out the window* Who cares ? ------------- Ivan bring you to a hills. You: Whoah..Seriously Idek this place. Ivan grins as you excited to see the scattered stars hanging to the sky. Ivan: I'm glad you love it. Come.. Ivan asked you to sit on the rock. You: Yeahh.. I love stars. My dad love it too. I means..he used to told me anything about stars when i was little. Ivan: I wish i could see him. You: Yes..He's a good man. Ivan: Look, y/n, Actually Emilio and I already knew bout your family situation. You: Huh? Ivan: So, we got a job for you as a model. Under the same company as we do. You: Model?! Ivan, I'm not that good. Ivan:Says who? You're fucking pretty..everyone knows that. You:No..*sigh* Ivan touch your chin and make you look into his eyes. Ivan: y/n, not all stars is bright but it still lighten the sky. Everyone got their own perfections. And you too. Stop being this humble and grab this chance, please? --Ivan's words literally got your tears flowed through your cheeks. Ivan: Oh y/n please no cries anymore *he wiped your tears* You: I'm happy...Thank youu Ivan:Just promise me you won't leave us. LA needs you. You nodded and Ivan kissed your forehead and nose. He stopped for a while before his lips slowly moved to your lips and passionately bite your bottom lips. His tongue explored the best way in your mouth till you starting out of breaths. ----------------- #martinezbrothers #savages #emiliomartinez #ivanmartinez #martineztwinsfanpage #martineztwinsfanfiction

3 0 May 21, 2018

❤️❤️❤️ ———— #martineztwins #ivanmartinez #emiliomartinez #emivan #emivanmartinez emiliovmartinez ivanmartinez —————————— tag the twins plz❤️

9 0 May 21, 2018

The way Emilio looks at Ivan 🤤🤤🤤😘 #martineztwins #ivanmartinez #emiliomartinez #martinator4thewin #martinator

2 0 May 21, 2018

❤️❤️❤️ ———— #martineztwins #ivanmartinez #emiliomartinez #emivan #emivanmartinez emiliovmartinez ivanmartinez —————————— tag the twins plz❤️

8 0 May 21, 2018

PART 4 You reached home and found a bunch of chocolates on your bed. You take the note. "Hope you'll be better.❤️ -Emilio" Huh ? Emilio was here ?! [AT THE BAR] Emilio sat there for hours trying to heal his devastated feels. He's out for the entire day to search for the best chocolates in this town. Hoping to spent a night with y/n. [EMILIO POV] I can't believe this. I bought the chocolates and even trying to get all the best and all I got is a view of y/n sneaking out her room with my twin? WHAT A FUCKING DAY LOL ---- Ting. New message from y/n y/n: Emilio ? You bought the chocolates? y/n: Where are you now ? --------------- Drop your comment for more 🎉❤️ And suggest me a name for a new girl character soon (I'm out of idea😹) Be free to DM me ❤️ #martinezbrothers #ivanmartinez #emiliomartinez #savages #martineztwinsfanfiction #martineztwinsfanpage #ily #fated

7 0 May 21, 2018

Chapter 19 The entire car ride was not silent at all, instead we talked amongst one another about ourselves. I felt satisfied with myself as I finally managed to get to know Ivan better. Turns out his father left him and his family when he was a very young age and I can't imagine the reason as to why someone would want to leave such an amazing family behind. His older sister, Rebecca Martinez has recently graduated from college about a month ago. He had a step father whom he adored since his step father took the responsibility of taking care of his mother back in Spain when he and Emilio moved to LA. I was in absolute awe about the way he spoke so highly about his mother that I couldn't help but feel my heart flutter at his words. I smiled at him the minute he glanced at me and in return he smiled back. "You know, you're a pretty amazing girl." "I know." I exaggerated while flipping my hair jokingly. Ivan gave a chuckle and focused his eyes back on the road. I was looking out the window when I felt Ivan grab my hand and gently pulled it and rested it on the arm rest. He intertwined our fingers together in which I returned the gesture and grasped his hand tightly. He slowly started rubbing circles with his thumb and I felt butterflies rise at the pit of my stomach just by the simples gesture. "Thank you Y/N." "For what? " "For being here for me. " "I should say the same for you. " The car pulled to a stop about 2 blocked down from the actual house. I nervously stepped out of the car and immediately, Ivan rejoined our hands once again. There was loud music blasting through from the speakers. Anyone from a 200 mile radius would be able to identify that this house was a full blown party and even the music could be heard from all the way at the Atlantic Ocean, to say the least, the music was blasting extremely loud that I'm even thankful my eardrums didn't burst the minute we stepped out of the car. Teenagers grinding on one another and red solo cups being passed out containing some sort of strong alcohol as it reeks through the entire house. Boy, is this girl gonna have a hard time cleaning up this hell of a mess. More in comments.

4 1 May 21, 2018

PART 1 ✨ Let say that since that day, your bonds with them become so close. They used to eat at the restaurant you working at and yall spent lot of time together. And of course, y/bff also become so easy to get along with them . (Especially to Ruben) So today, the guys would like to have you and y/bff for lunch. You came out the hall and saw Ivan waving to you. You wave back and start running to him. You: Heyy, sorry for keeping you wait. Ivan: It's okay,Chubby Cheek *pinch your cheek with his finger* You: Arghh Ivan I'm not fat ! Ivan: You're.. Ruben open the window and look at you. Ruben: Hello hello, I'm not ok here. Where's y/bff ? Ivan rolled his eyes with laugh. Ivan: Can you call y/bff ? This dude can't wait more longer. Ruben open the door and smack Ivan with it. Ivan: Arghhh *pains* You chuckles and you see y/bff run to your position. You: There is she.. y/bff : I'm sorry I'm late.*out of breath* Ruben quickly come out the car. Ruben: Nahh it's okay, we just got here *hugging y/bff* You and Ivan staring at them and then look at each other like 'what's going on here man?' Ruben: What ? **innocent face 😂** --------- Yall arrived at the restaurant and having a great times until you suddenly remember of Emilio. You: Wait, where's Emilio? Ivan: He's on his way. You: Oh huh btw guys I'm.. >your phone rings<>MOM❤️< You: Sorry, I'll be back. [Emilio POV] Damn why must it's always me who's late? I hate this. I'm really waste the golden time with y/n. Emilio walking faster to the restaurant when his eyes latch on you outside the restaurant talking on phone. y/n ?? Who is she talking ? Wait she's crying???? Emilio reached you when you're done with the phone. Emilio: Hey y/n ? What's wrong ? Why are you crying? You hugs him as your tears flowing more. Emilio: Hey, what's wrong girl ? Tell me...heyyy.. He rubs your back. You: dad just passed away !! ------ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #martinezbrothers #emiliomartinez #ivanmartinez #savages #martineztwinsfanfiction

4 0 May 21, 2018

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9 0 May 21, 2018

I don’t know what to caption this. Idk what to say. I’m nithusha and I have nothing to say PEACE ✌️ emiliovmartinez ivanmartinez #emivan #emiliomartinez #martinators #martineztwins #emiliomartinez

67 0 May 21, 2018

PART 2 ✨ You rush a flight ticket for *your country* and managed to arrive at your home when the funeral just done. You touched that they also be there by your side for all time but you decide to be alone for a while that you only coop in your house for two days. [At the hotel] ~Evening~ Emilio: She's not picking up my calls. Ivan: She needs time bro..*continuing Fortnite* Emilio: *sigh* Actually I don't even feel good. What if y/n wants to stay here for good? Ivan: You means she's not going back to LA ? Emilio: Absolutely . That's not good. Ivan: Why bro? She can decide. She got her mom here,maybe she wants to be with her. Emilio: And our mom is in Spain🙂 Ivan speechless . Emilio: It's not a matter bro. Im going out.. At night, Ivan can't stop thinking bout what Emilio talk to him early. Emilio still not coming back to hotel since evening. [IVAN POV] He was right. Y/n maybe not going back to LA. And that's going to be hard for us to see her again. ----- Ivan rolls in his bed. Still thinking.--- Damn, I can't stop thinking of her. I need to talk to y/n now. -------------- [YOUR POV] God, what I've done? I don't even look at my dad for the last time. Your eyes become hot and suddenly your heard knocking from your room's window. You: Ivan ?! Ivan: Shhhh *he put his finger on his lips* be slow You can't stand chuckles from your mouth. You: Ivan, what are you doing here? Ivan: I'm..uhmm.. I think you need someone? -------- Drop your view ❤️❤️❤️ #martineztwinsfanpage #martineztwins #martineztwinsfanfiction #ivanmartinez #emiliomartinez #savages #martinezbrothers

4 0 May 21, 2018

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