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gotta love this side of erika💕this is only from like 4 vlogs and there was so many goofy clips of her🙌🏻😩 - #jerika #erikacostell #erikacostelledit #team10 #vlog #costellars #jakepauledits #jerikaisreal #jerika4life #jakepaulers erikacostell angel_sheehan

263 8 Feb 18, 2018

Cindy Kimberly I love her so much, you do not have no ideia | cr: putoua #xxmah

16 1 Feb 17, 2018

My favorite woman in the whole 🌎🤩 erikacostell erika_costell shoperikacostell #erikacostell #edit #fashion #vlog #erikacostelledit #cc #mom #queen

23 2 Feb 17, 2018

Slaying my queen ❤️ erikacostell - - - - - - - Forget the tags #erikacostell #myqueen #slaying #team10 #tessabrooks #erikacostelledit

8 0 Feb 17, 2018

first post!✨ ---> hiii so I'drc if you hate it's whatever I'm here to support my idols and you can't stop me! I love them sm❤️ and since this is my first post then here's a Q&A! • What's your name? a: Kayla • What country/state? a: United States SC • anything brave/unique about you? a YES! I have type 1 diabetes and been fighting for 6 years😫 it's very hard but I'm strong😅 • What made you start this account? a well I just wanna show some support to them, I really enjoy making edits so I started this account! P.S hoping jakepaul and erikacostell or in general team10official will recognize me🙏🏼😊❣️

11 2 Feb 17, 2018

—what an iconic glo up ac/ib.wckdtessa cc.mine #omgpage #violetsrct

143 9 Feb 17, 2018

So beautiful 😍😍💋 erikacostell erika_costell #erikacostell #erikacostelledit Tag her👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

5 0 Feb 18, 2018

i know i have met an angel in person, and she looks perfect 💗

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