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Missing adventures with the Bechard five today! This photo was taken in the old historic downtown Montreal, Quebec. I’ve been doing a lot of researching on different vacation destinations for our family. We’re eager to start pushing the limits and leaving North America. Lots of talk about France, South Africa, and Eastern Europe. If you could take your kids ANYWHERE, where would you go? . . . #traveltuesday #familyadventuring #familyjaunts #familywanderlust #thebechardfive

33 6 Apr 3, 2018

Today we went on a fully child-led (with a directionally challenged mama) hike. And we got lost. And we survived. And we’re tired. And it was awesome. #gardenofthegods #montessorikids #familyadventuring

51 1 Apr 1, 2018

Hi Nittownittow! This morning got off to a tough start with you feeling sickies, having a lot of specific desires, and not necessarily wanting to wait for… anything. Which I TOTALLY understand as I feel similarly when I’m sick. . Whereas in the past I’ve tended to throw a day out the window when it got off to a “rough” start… today I decided to do something different! . When I got in the car to head to my therapy appointment at 8:30am, I decided to blast some upbeat music and sing + dance along (while safely driving, mind you) to shift my mood. . And it totally worked! By the time I got to my appointment, I was feeling more energized and optimistic. It’s amazing what some intention and dancing can do for my mood! Will definitely keep that in mind for future times when I’m feeling off. . LOVE YOU BUPPA! . xo Mama

35 6 Feb 27, 2018

What a happy surprise for me that Nonna and Papa showed up today!!! Headed to Moltrasio for some #familyadventuring #vizslavita #charlestowndogs #lakecomo #comosunshine

29 0 Mar 16, 2018

Dear Bundle, With the workshop I’m leading fast approaching (it’s on Thursday!), I’ve been working diligently on creating awesome content for the women I’m conducting it for. . And I also received some great feedback from kylaroma to declare when my days off are going to be, so I don’t let “I’m not doing work right now” guilt creep into my days. (Thank you, Kyla!!) . Working for myself is a whole new ballpark, and I’m grateful to have other friends who’ve been down this road before to help me figure out how to maximize my LIFE fulfillment as I navigate all the things. . Looking forward to a day off with you & Dada tomorrow!! . xo Mama

31 3 Feb 25, 2018

Hi Bugbug, I had so much fun visiting the place where you play & take classes with Dada! I haven’t been with y’all since you’ve been going while I’ve been working, but today I decided to join, and I’m so glad I did. . I love getting to watch you express your agency and lead us to wherever you want to play. I’m in awe of YOUR awe and remind myself to, as often as I remember, see things with wonder like you do. . Thanks for the gift of getting to witness you in all of your YOUness. . Wuv. . xo Mama

32 2 Feb 24, 2018

It’s winter. Or at least that was the forecast 6,500 miles ago. #neverstopexploring #ArnoldsDoBalkans #familyadventuring

61 5 Mar 30, 2018

Hey Sweets, Thanks for joining me during my at-home headshot photoshoot today. Your post-nap-just-woke-up-face came across splendidly. . Been so busy getting my website revamped for tomorrow’s workshop that I haven’t spent much time writing these letters to you. . AND THAT’S OK! Love you the big type. . xo Mama

43 1 Mar 1, 2018

Changing things up around these parts! I will continue to write letters to my bug occasionally (see previous 97 posts if you aren’t familiar with those) and I’ll also be posting about other stuff here as I get my mama + mama-to-be coaching business going! 🧡 Thanks for being here!

68 2 Mar 2, 2018

Some things just fill your heart without trying — Two days ago, we rescued and adopted this little girl right here. Previously, I was volunteering at the shelter for three weekends and she was one of the pups I was able to walk. Her sweet spirit just stuck with me, so the next two weeks I prayed about it. I knew that if she was the right dog for us, it would happen. We waited to hear back from our landlord who was out of town and I continued to pray about it. I knew that once we got a dog, our lives were going to change. So three days ago, I received a call in the late evening from my landlord that we were approved to get a dog. The next day, we applied and she was ours in a matter of a few hours. At this very moment, she’s laying her head on my lap as she’s sleeping and my dogmom heart is so full. Here’s to future adventures with our girl, Bailey. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #baileygirl🐾 #dog #dogsofinstagram #adventurousdog #adventure #baileyadventures #dogsinnature #labrabull #outdoors #optoutside #getoutside #greatoutdoors #rescue #adopt #rescuedog #dogsonadventures #mountaindog #choosemountains #easternsierras #desert #california #hiking #brindle #dogsthathike #takeahike #sunset #family #familyadventuring #neverstopexploring #exploremore

161 17 Feb 16, 2018

Beautiful morning on the beach with these nutcases! ❤ Sunshine, laughter and the ocean makes my heart happy! 🤗 #beachdaze #familytime #happyplace #blessed #happyeaster #forgodsolovedtheworld #beautifulbeach #thebluff #rockpools #snorkelling #familyadventuring

32 0 Apr 2, 2018

Hey Little Bambo, I loved our family adventures today. Deciding to take the day off in advance really helped me be present and enjoy all the things. . Abundant adventuring, walking, giggling, and snuggling ensued and it was magical. To use your favorite phrase… “thank you.” . Love you super big. . xo Mama

27 4 Feb 26, 2018

Hey Little Bee, We’ve both been up to a lot today, me with my workshop and you with your... well, discovery of the world at large! . I appreciate that we still get to spend abundant time snuggling up together while we also get mucho work done. Love you Buggy. . xo Mama

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