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ipsy Gen Beauty Day 1 complete! 💕 Today was fun and exhausting scoping out the event 😅 Pro Tips/Lessons Learned: 💄 Get there early to get good parking or take an Uber! 💄 Also didn’t know that if you want to meet up and take pictures with the creators, you have to get a ticket at the booth they will be at! All the tickets sold out early in the day, so I didn’t get to do any of the meet ups, BUT I did meet spankievalentine in passing ✨ She’s just as gorgeous and sweet in person 😊️ 💄 Take advantage of the freebies they giveaway at the booths! You usually just have to follow them on IG and they will give you a gift 🎁 💄 Scope out the booths you want to buy makeup at early. The lines are SUPER long, so maximize your time at the brands you wanna buy from. A lot of them have discounts. 💄 Check out the Ipsy Talks stage! Creators and brands are giving insightful talks on the industry. I would try to go to these in between meet ups. 💄 Take advantage of the photo ops! There’s plenty of good spots to take pics. - That’s all for now! Can’t wait for day ✌🏼 with kimiko.marie! 💋 #ipsy #ipsygenbeauty

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W/ cinqui around the world. 🐤👌🏼🚘. #500

2 1 Jul 22, 2018

Holaa!! ¿Cómo les ha ido hoy?

0 1 Jul 22, 2018

“Tassels” a unique and a valuable thing which acts an emphasis of any textile component. While I was enjoying Delhi Monsoons yesterday afternoon I met my aunt who is so fond of such vibrant tassels and other items and then I came across this beautiful parrot tassel at her place which signifies power and prestige. Such vibrant hues and beads can also be used be turned into earrings. Also to the matter of fact tassels were earlier served as weaving knots in garments to prevent unravelling. With the course of time they became more powerful and were used by ancient priests to ward of evil spirit. #tassels #gujarat #feminism #freebird #parrot #sarees #suits #beads #design #designer #fashiondiaries #homedecor #hometextiles

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