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Set a fire down in my soul . . . . . That I can't contain That I can't control

18 2 Apr 22, 2018

What’s next? ☜

96 8 Apr 22, 2018

Day 100: Memories . Retándome a tomar más fotos esperaba mejorar la constancia, creatividad y técnica. Si bien siento que cumplí mi objetivo, lo que realmente me hace feliz son los recuerdos de amigos, colegas y extraños. Sonriendo

27 2 Apr 22, 2018

Forest of likes.

111 8 Apr 22, 2018

Some of you might have noticed that these last 5/6 months, I've been enjoying, going all inn on photography & opened both IG/FB page called pricelessvisionss . My skills have always on video since 2012, a format I found best to promote myself back then & so i've hardly ever done any photography. Reason I wanted to start with photography was because ever since I started working with my brand & collection. I've automatically become more involved in the fashion/design world if one can call it that. One thing I learned quickly, is that promoting ones self in this industry, your images/pics must be of good quality. As for the brand I saw that I needed a lot of images for both promoting the brand & for the webshop. Keep in mind, this designer/ clothing brand is nothing I've done before but even a blind could see that ALOT of work is needed. My wallet wasn't huge to beginning with, I couldn't afford to hire photographers/equipment & get the job done for me. Asking people for favours is also something that I quit too, not many can be trusted & I don't want to depend on anyone. So I spoke with my partner, told her I'm going to buy a camera & we are going to practice 4-5 hours a day. Different scenes, locations, lights, you name it. So we did, 5-6 hours a day, 3-4 days a week for the last 5-6 months cause I was determined to learn so I can do shit myself. As long as I can breath, there isn't much out in this world I see as a challenge & if it's something I really wanted to I'll learn flash speed & go do it. Last week I started shooting pictures for our webshop, got our models lined up & we are also shooting the items to add the products in. Sadly I can't show you all anything from the webshop or much from the models just yet BUT here below are some of my best shots yet, from shoots with my closest peoples. Feel free to comment/feedback. Been doing photography now for 5/6 months, still a beginner that has to look pro cause there is no other option :) sanderbratlie , missschum , inandamarie rogerlaszlo & thealcoholicsementhrower #theonevalentino

36 2 Apr 22, 2018

Summer’s almost here🙌🏼 So I’m going to be offering $20 off my regular packages May 19, 20, 26, & 27!! DM me for details.

115 2 Apr 22, 2018

“You’ve got one life. There is no loss in going for it.” - garyvee // laainiee brianxdin

37 3 Apr 22, 2018

16 1 Apr 22, 2018

The homie _abelgonzalez for notiesmodels ✖️ nude.mag

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