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A still shot of this ornamental piece that i got to have on my amazing daughter rat.mom126 One more session should finish it up! Please email to carrenobookings if you'd like to set something up #inkjecta #tattoo #support_good_tattooers tattoosocietymagazine inkedmag skinartmagazine #customtattoo thetattoopage_ electrum #femaletattooartist skinandinkmag #medtatt #medtattantimicrobialcleanser #medtatttattoowipes #medtatteliteartist #unusualspecies #abstracttattoo #letsgetweird I Always use the best for my clients medtatt #teammedtatt inkjecta

21 2 Sep 21, 2018

Go check out our amazingly talented artist’s new website🙌🏼 deeflorian #Repost deeflorian with get_repost ・・・ Hey everyone!! I am super exciteeed to announce the launch of my new website! ✨ ✨ It’s been a long time coming and I’ve been working really hard on it, some days back to back, so I appreciate anyone and everyone who goes to check it out!! Link is in my bio and for TODAY ONLY use coupon code: IDIDIT for FREE shipping on all orders in the U.S. I have some cute stuff on there >slide to check some out> and I’m working on more products to put out so keep ya eyes peeled! I also repurposed an old art account and made it my new shop account so give it a follow to stay in the know 👉🏻 deeflorianart ! Thank you all for the love and support! ❤️❤️

2 2 Sep 21, 2018

To hell and back and then back again 😅 thanks to antclementi for letting me do this on him, so stoked with the outcome 👺 . . fusion_ink thesolidink #tattoo #art #femaletattooartist #femaletattooer #tattooing #traditional #traditionaltattoo #americana #nj #njtattooartist #boldwillhold #devil #americantraditional

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