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Have you noticed when we face our fears love is always there to welcome us home? She softly whispers is our ear “I love you but you just didn’t believe me so I had to find a way for you to listen.”🌿 #FearIsLoveInDisguise #RoughWaters #CrazySeas #MoveThroughFear #FindCalm #FindLove #FindMe

6 0 Oct 17, 2018

When you stop resisting, you find calm 🐝 . . . . #findcalm #calmpreneur #resistance #stopresisting #washoverme #calmness #stillness #awareness

23 0 Oct 16, 2018

Happy Monday! What’s the outlook for your week? Mine is already crazy busy, and I’ll be using yoga and meditation to help block out the metaphorical noise and stay focused on my goals. 👊🏻👊🏻 - Part of my job is leading meditation sessions for cancer patients while they’re receiving chemo therapy (literally while they’re sitting receiving the infusions), and I always tell these people that they are advanced yogis. Why🧘‍♀️ 🧘‍♀️? - Because while it’s (relatively) easy to practice calm and meditation sitting in a beautiful studio or natural setting, it’s much harder when life actually gets turbulent, when all we want to do is flee our surroundings and throw up our hands☁️ 🖐. - Thank God we don’t have to be really sick to appreciate this but we can find those places in our life where we’re less grounded and start a practice now of using the power of our minds to find a path forward 🏃 🏃‍♀️. . . . #meditationmonday #meditation #resilience #trainyourbrain #findcalm #calmthroughthestorm #yogaforcancer #yogaforstress #beayogi #yogilife #practicewhatyoupreach #yogateacher #miamiyogateacher #southfloridayoga #meditationpractice

35 1 Oct 15, 2018

#fallflexibilitychallenge with actionjacquelyn & getstretchy day 5 🍁🍂 Today’s pose is #upwardfacingdog 🐶 . . . Todays theme is “your why” & I think it’s been pretty clear from previous posts this week I came to my mat looking to to press pause on everything going on within my head and around me and now, after learning a bit about what I need to focus on to get there, I can’t put into words the appreciation I have for the timeless place I go to when I do yoga. 🙌🏻🧘‍♀️ . . . Simultaneously yoga made find a new purpose in my body & child like curiosity in it’s limits, in how far I could bend, what poses felt like or how positions that once felt would be impossible suddenly are possible. I realised exercise is a lot more than about just losing weight. I unfollowed loads of fitness Instagram accounts that promoted the smallest version of you, that I had been following when I was obsessively exercising and scrutinising my body. Worked on blocking out negative thoughts and insta ideals and tried not to just appreciate but like or LOVE the body I have. Though body dysmorphia is still a conscious fight and may always will be, its something that no longer takes up a lot of space in my daily life, running tirelessly in my brain from my waking moment, a place I really never expected to be. I genuinely would never have thought I’d openly put up pictures of my body and not pick every piece of it apart. becoming friends with my body turned out to be the most important relationship I’ve ever invested time in💓

23 3 Oct 13, 2018

"A secret to Happiness is letting every situation be what it is, instead of what you think it should be." 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ 👉We are adding more classes to the schedule😁 . Keep checking Mindbody for updates! 💙 photocred: Josie Pasche #meditate #findcalm #O2 #yoga #beachhairdontcare # #urdvadhanurasana #wellness #happyisachoice #mindfulness #zen #goodvibes #balance #fusionfitness #coralsprings #parkland

34 2 Oct 13, 2018

Message for today in my clinic “What I’m looking for is not out there, it’s in me” Helen Keller. #innerstrength #innerwisdom #cominghome #reflexologygeelong #findingyourfeetgeelong #lookwithin #findcalm

14 2 Oct 16, 2018

I went to send a message to a friend yesterday, to check in and apologise for being awol recently. But I had to stop myself because I shouldn't have to apologise for looking after myself and putting my mental health first. I think we should all learn to reach out if we need help, but sometimes you need that nudge, just by them sending a text to let you know they're thinking about you. • • I find it really difficult when I haven't heard from someone in a long time. I start to believe that they hate me and that they're better off with out me. I blame myself for their absence. Then I automatically call myself stupid and reason that they're probably just busy. Even when someone takes a couple of hours to reply, I feel like I've done something wrong and question what I've said. I'm constantly battling with my mind over this and it is exhausting - it's been the result of many sleepless nights. Generally I find it easier to shut down, which is in no way healthy. I've tried so hard to not let it bother me, and not worry about what people think of me, but when you need someone to talk to and can't think of who to message, my mind naturally thinks negative. And I feel like I've pushed a lot of people away because of it. Megan x

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