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mamma monkey cleaning her baby’s ears in the pouring rain #truelove 🐵💕🐒

2 1 Oct 16, 2018

This is Gold Hill, a tiny town on the top of the mountain. Originally a mining camp, it was the site of the first major discovery of gold during the 1859 Colorado Gold Rush. It still has dirt roads! It was like I was transported back in time. I was in awe and very intrigued. I think the last photo is my favorite. . . . . . . #nature #stayandwander #liveauthentic #awakethesoul #welivetoexplore #exploretocreate #neverstopexploring #thegreatoutdoors #modernoutdoors #livefolk #folkgood #outsideculture #roamtheplanet #thevisualscollective #lifeofadventure #madewild #ourplanetdaily #discoverearth #OptOutside #moodygrams #lastingvisuals #theoutbound #tellon #letskeepitwild #allaboutadventures #TLPicks #tentree #artofvisuals #colorado #mountaintown

13 0 Oct 16, 2018


19 2 Oct 16, 2018

When you’re looking forward to the weekend and then you realize it’s only Monday.🌲🚶🏻‍♀️

20 1 Oct 16, 2018


15 2 Oct 16, 2018

Santa Cesara designed by Salva López #inspiration

9 1 Oct 16, 2018

Maternity Monday's! Contact us for rates and availability! ⠀ ⠀ Bookings: info⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ (808) 927-8672⠀

7 1 Oct 16, 2018

Somewhere along the backroads in Maine, we stopped our car, and simply watched.

7 1 Oct 16, 2018

Sincerely, the Scarborough you never met.

17 1 Oct 16, 2018

Accidentally stumbled onto this spot with some friends, note to self slow down and keep your head up. Even if you have cool boots they don’t compare to everything else.

20 1 Oct 16, 2018

. “Nothing ignites my soul quite like autumn leaves 🍁, bonfire 🔥, hayrides 🌾, a cool breeze 🌬. All thing spooky, are eerily nice, a good ghost story 👻 and pumpkin spice 🎃.” - Heather Warren.

14 1 Oct 16, 2018

ᨏ you are precious and brighter than all light, you carry wonder in your eyes and beauty in your soul. you have freedom in your step and you don’t fear dancing in the rain. you are light and grace, you are lovely and free. ——————————————————————————————— i haven’t updated anyone on Nova for a bit and thought i should. ➵ a couple weeks ago, we noticed she was dragging the one leg. i got her into the vet and we did some new x rays, which showed that her right side does have mild hip dysplasia. there is also something showing on her spine that we aren’t 100% sure what it is, so we will be doing some blood work before putting her on pain meds to help alleviate whatever she is feeling. from there we will send her for an mri to get some solid answers, and to see if her change in personality is due to pain, and/or because she is maturing into a dog intolerant dog. from there i can see how best to manage and keep both my dogs safe, since she can’t be left around athos unsupervised or around other dogs (that don’t respect her space) without a muzzle right now. ➵ does anyone else deal with something similar? how were you able to adjust? —————————————————————————————— #dogsonadventures #backcountrypaws #dogsthatexplore #doggostories #adventuredogsofficial #hikingdogsofinsta #keepitwild #adventurethatislife #photooftheday #neverstopexploring #moodygrams #agameoftones #thegreatoutdogs #aestheticdoglife #dogphotography #lifeofadventure #LF10K #moodygrams #instagood #earthofficial #vibes #roamtheplanet #lensbible #folkgreen #stayandwander #folkgood #folkmagazine #dogsthathike

15 1 Oct 16, 2018

Siyempre di ko pinaglapasan ang pagkakataon para ternuhan ang mga dahon 🍁🍂

16 2 Oct 16, 2018

Não faz nem dois anos que a minha vida mudou completamente. Tudo que me parecia tão distante (mas tão possível para minha esperança e fé) aconteceu! Hoje minha profissão é conhecer o mundo, viver e compartilhar experiências com amigos reais e virtuais e despertar em vocês essa busca pela felicidade diária é uma das minhas missões. 🗺🌎🕊Hoje eu posso dizer com toda certeza que viajar nos transforma e não há nada no mundo mais reconfortante do que você “gastar” seus dias conhecendo mais dos cantinhos e da vida das pessoas que também dividem esse planeta com a gente! Meu coração se enche de alegria a cada momento novo que meus olhos registram ❤️🙌🏼Vivam! Viagem e inspirem! subviagens |ph: lucaspinhel

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