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VIRAL: Dragon Ramen immediately after landed in Singapore 😧😧😧 Fatty pieces of pork, silky smooth noodle, and rich pork broth bathed with runny egg yolk. Who's on diet? 🍳🍜 👉 Join global food community eatandstructure 👈 📍 : nantsutteii_singapore 🏬 : Orchard Central | Singapore 🚇 : Somerset MRT 💦 : TAG YOUR DIET FRIENDS 💦 #EEEEEATS #devourpower #buzzfeast #feedfeed #lovefood #eatguide #myfab5 #cheatmeal #sgfoodie #igsg #noodle #eater aaronhandajani #foodbeast #ramen #foodiegram #foodography #f52grams #foodnetwork #getinmybelly #beautifulcuisines #Japan #jktfoodbang #foodoftheday #infatuation #huffposttaste #viral #foodislife #vscofood #aaronhandajani #eatandstructure

774 20 Feb 21, 2018

Something simple for buzy day! 👉 Kari Ikan Siakap 👉 Kobis Grng Tahu/Fishcake #homecookedisthebest #sahmlife #lunchtime #foodpornasia #fishcurry #stirfryveggies #laukkampung #sedapsangat #airtangangualaa

16 0 Feb 21, 2018

💜😍👋 Are you starved? 😎♥👌

123 3 Feb 21, 2018

“Even when your life is full of color, you still need to be reminded that things come in black and white.” • • • - G.B Bistro and Dessert- | #gbbistrojkt #goldtableid

44 3 Feb 21, 2018

📍Swiss Butchery • Keeping up with all the festivities, Swiss Butchery comes up with their spread of yummy delights — both savoury and sweet — for you to enjoy. Traditional spicy chicken in gelatins and roasted honey glazed ribs are dishes you can look out for. • 📸: moooting_

138 4 Feb 21, 2018

🌞👌👍 Would you have this for dinner?

76 3 Feb 21, 2018

HELLO! So I was at samacurrysg recently to try out their range of Hokkaido Soup Curries at their latest outlet in plazasingapura and boy, was I eggcited about it as you can tell from this video! 😁😁 . 🎥 sakiseah . #burpple #clozette #samacurrysg #japanesesoupcurry #soupcurry #mediatastingbutownopinion #mitsuekieats

41 3 Feb 21, 2018

Good morning ! We may be closed during this period but we are still taking orders for 9th March till 31st May . Drop us an email or pm us if you would like to order for this period. #bakeavenue

21 1 Feb 21, 2018

Thank you failedpose for choosing our singnature beauty hot pot. Hope you have a great dining experience at Bijin Nabe. Click the location tag above or #BijinNabeID hashtag to explore Bijin Nabe ___________________________________________ A set of Original Bijin Nabe by bijinnabe_id, Japanese Collagen Hot Pot served with a lot of fresh veggies and poured with the only one Golden Collagen Chicken Soup. Good ambience for wonderful taste. So lovely ❤️ #BijinNabeID Makanan Awet Muda 😆 Fyi, Collagen is useful for increasing skin firmness and tightness. So, no reasons to say No for this lovely hot pot indeed 😍

47 1 Feb 21, 2018

Green vegan smoothie for breakfast today with frankfoodcompany organic horenso, banana, lemon, turmeric and ginger. Inspired by the smoothie queen dok_maychin

55 3 Feb 21, 2018

Looking for a quick bite for lunch? Try folkscollective 📷 tiara_star

22 1 Feb 21, 2018

CNY day 6: 祝大家 好运(莲莲)连连! 😘 One more day to 人日 hehe. Didnt know that lotus root symbolises abundance and that its holes represent a mind open to new ideas! Learnt sth new today! 😉 I must say that homecooked soups are the most comforting! 😋 It's time for some cooling stuff after all the #cny #feasting!

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