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Dinner tonight was definitely not a veggie affair 🙈 I don't eat meat that often at all but when I do its gotta be good quality and a good cut. Paired my steak with a lil salsa and salad and some avo. Happy #friyay 🤗 • • • #steak #steaknight #protein #gains #yummy #food #foodgoals #foodie #instafood #instafoodie #foodshare #foodporn #friday #weekend #healthydinner #healthyfood #eathealthy #healthyfood #lean #fitfood

1 0 Apr 20, 2018

MEET TESS Tess is the beautiful greyhound who lives with me. She was a ‘failed racer’ so was taken to the vet by her trainer to be killed at 3 years of age. The vet saw Tess’ outgoing and friendly nature and asked her trainer if she was able to try and re-home her. The trainer didn’t care, as long as ‘it wasn’t going to cost him any more money’. Tess was taken in by a local greyhound rescue group and then placed in my home. The greyhound exploitation industry itself has admitted to killing up to 17,000 healthy dogs each year — 7,000 pups and young dogs never even make it to the track, and thousands of dogs 'retired' from racing will die — simply because they are too slow to win. The greyhounds who do make it to the track are put at significant risk of sustaining serious injuries, such as broken hocks or legs, or head trauma, during training and racing. Up to 200 dogs are reported injured during official races each week. Some even die from cardiac arrest due to the extreme physical intensity of racing. On many occasions the injuries are 'uneconomical' to treat and the owner will instead have the dog killed. On average around 5 dogs are killed at official races each week. Once they are not fast enough to win races, his or her career comes to an end. Whilst a greyhound's natural lifespan would be 12 to 14 years, very few of these dogs will live to that age. The vast majority will be killed once they have served their ‘purpose’. Most dogs born into the greyhound racing industry will be killed before their 5th birthday. Some dogs go into breeding programs, but even they will then likely be killed at age 5-6 years. Other, perfectly healthy dogs are given to university veterinary faculties where they may be killed for use in teaching and training. The greyhound exploitation industry is responsible for the needless breeding, exploitation and violence towards tens of thousands of innocent and docile dogs. The industry literally forces these dogs to run for their lives. The time for greyhound racing to end is now! UNTIL EVERY ANIMAL IS FREE #animalliberation #vegan #foodporn #foodshare #lowcarb #atkins #protein #meatlover #ketodiet #paleo #animallover #burger #bacon

8 0 Apr 20, 2018

Allow us to get corny on you for a second 😉 Grilled corn with cotija, ancho chili cream, lime & guajillo. 📸: ngoyourmeal

1 1 Apr 20, 2018

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