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wellnessropes asked me to make a rock fountain for a macrame piece and this is the first one! #sticksandstoneslandscaping #fountain

2 0 Jan 24, 2018


4 1 Jan 24, 2018

Annie is getting her exercise in #ajbrandel #fountain #running #exercise #theavenueviera

2 0 Jan 24, 2018

—I thought that, too. Who said, “Man, you are running from /somethin’/“? It was on a jog, when I stopped by a #fountain . You remember: the blond man with a beard and two light sky eyes. He creased out my . motivations, as blistered as they were on feet new to tap-tap tap-tap and the scuffle . once I hit those sweet bitter upper miles where the somethin’ came out. Spring leaves and fall twigs . both saw the trips and sweat while sparrows and then jays saw that it hadn’t quite all oozed . out yet, and yet I still found fuel behind each horribly trying step. How many did I do that . summer, when I was working my second one without you? My caboose jimmied off and my heart found . a patch, or two. But, god bless that man and his band, who first put up a mirror in front of the work I did. . . #poetry

3 0 Jan 24, 2018

Focus. See life in a different perspective way💥📸

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