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I woke up literally 5 minutes before a little angel took this photo testing his broken camera. I see Pale face, dry lips, dark circles, messy hair, curly sideburns, wild eyebrows. That’s me and I Love how I look. I don’t care whether I look pretty or messy in the mornings I love how my eyes can speak in the very first moment of the day, what my sheepish smile means, how fresh and powerful I feel after a good rest, grateful for my existence and ready to conquer my world and spread the love and kindness I collected in my dreams. 🌙 📸Thanks ouulcan for your broken camera and the great night we spent at your friend’s place and good morning to the world in this New Moon phase, the perfect moment to demand your own space, to reflect on old goals and set new ones, to use this magical moment to trust yourself and start anew. ✨ . . . #spirit #freespirit #spiritual #awaken #enlightenment #newmoon #moonphase #consciousness #higherconsciousness #higherself #selflove #bodypositive #portrait #loveandlight #psy #dmt #pachamama #mothernature #lawofattraction #cosmic #universe #love #healing #crystalhealing #spiritjunkie

15 0 Jan 19, 2018

Oohh surfing road trip!! This one found in blank cards category. #toyecards #surfing

1 1 Jan 19, 2018

winderanch 😮🌈 😍 that rainbow is heaven 🙌 thanks for sharing 😘 Dream Boxes are beginning to arrive 💕 we have opened up more spaces this month and currently only have 20 boxes left, we’ve tried not to promote it too much and allow people on waitlist to get theirs so if you want your dream box or an Astral subscription box space now is the time! ☁️🌈✨

1 1 Jan 19, 2018

Emma Balfour, 2014 ❤️

5 1 Jan 19, 2018

Oh sun, you are most welcome, I’ve missed you.

0 1 Jan 19, 2018

A year ago By the water from the Goddess, My feather flew Taken by prayers Of my gratitude Admist the chaos of loss Yet the only prayer in my heart Was gratitude. I was so confused How gratitude found it's way Into the depths Of my heart When the loss was so great. The heart is wise Infinitely timeless Beyond any thought the head Can fathom. Now here I stand Held stronger in spirit Loss is the painter The deepening of my breath The hands i extend To welcome all To the divine dance Of our united Truth. I will paint for you! Dance for you! Sing for you! Love for you... Thankyou for bringing me home Xxx #innerpeace #yogaretreat #soulful #loveyourself #spiritualawakening #gratitude #abundancemindset #sacredspace #artofmeditation #consciousness #nature #freespirit #transformation

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