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Have you ever set a goal and be like "oh man, it just seems so big, I don't think it's gonna happen," or "many people are doing it, why would they pick me?" The fact is that "everyone" is doing "everything" sure there r occupations out that that is rare. But no dreams are too big, if you make realistic daily goals, you will be a couple of steps closer to your goal. Have a productive and happy Saturday! Xoxo #motivationalspeech #eurasianactress #eurasianmodel

10 2 Jul 21, 2018

Surprise me. Make me laugh. Show your energy and faith. Your support. Teach me what drives you in life. Tell me why you want to fight. Let me feel why we care for each other. What do you love in what's coming next ? That's what I try to do. I always know why I'm involved and enjoy doing it. I would do everything to make anyone close to me happier. Just by trying to make bad jokes or being strong all the time. But somehow, I never trust anyone who doesn't get the effort it can be for me sometimes, being comprehensive and not too demanding. Thank you to the amazing people that surround me who send me sweet messages, remember little events in my life, know when I'm trying to hide it's hard, listen even when it's not interesting, make me smile, organize things. Thanks to you I can always be happy and inspired. I love you unconditionally and continue to be there for you. . . . jul_s_lights #photography #laugh #poetry #french #insta #pic #tbs #inspiration #frenchgirl #goldenhour #lifeisgood #people #friendship #model #frenchmodel #shooting #lyon #france #light #smile

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