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1900’s French Army Bourgeron HBT jacket, Lt 1st Spahis from the French « colonies « ... FOR SALE ... contactlezouave #frenchvintage #frenchworkwear #frenchvintageclothing #frenchvintageclothes #frencharmy #vintagefrencharmy #frenchantiqueclothing #earlyworkwear #bourgeron #1900’s #spahis #colonial #colonies #earlyvintage #clutchmagazinejapan #mensfilemagazine #lezouave

18 1 Dec 15, 2017

Vintage clothing question; what famous French Fashion designer created this haute couture dress? Love the bows! #travel #france🇫🇷 #Paris #vintage #vintageclothing #vintageclothingphoto #frenchvintage #frenchfashion #vintagefashion #photooftheday #instaphoto #travelblogger #luxurytravelblogger #shopping shoppinginparis #fashionista #solotraveler #AstridTravel

24 6 Dec 14, 2017

Another stunning order from MILLERS ANTIQUES. Our clients are still building so we get to keep it in the shop a little longer 😍😍😍 French style table in solid Mindi wood. Top finished in Ash Grey Monocoat, skirt and legs painted in the color Metal. Mahogany Olmo chairs polished in Coco Matt. Upholstery fabrics supplied by the Fabric Library SA from the exquisite Marrakesh collection. 👌👌👌

19 3 Dec 14, 2017

BARGAIN OF THE DAY £275 For a Mid C20 charcoal finish with beautiful ceramic knobs! Times ticking!! #bargainoftheday #frenchchestofdrawers #midcenturymodern #frenchvintage #jensenandballantine

5 0 Dec 14, 2017

Oi Oi who's having a party this Christmas/ New year?? Why not add some sexy barware to your shopping list and show off to all ya mates 😜🎄🎉👏🍾🍷🥃 check out my Etsy shop for more!!! #barware #decanter #shotglasses #vintagebarware #vintage #frenchvintage #christmas #christmasparty #newyearparty #glass #leadcrystal #party #posh #showingoff

8 0 Dec 14, 2017

This beautiful French vintage oil painting from 1928 has just been listed in the online shop! #france #nimes #frenchvintage #brocante #oilpainting #myfrenchfinds

37 0 Dec 15, 2017

We are in our new apartment; there's lots of sheets stacked everywhere, and I am slowly making a space to work in. Anybody who has been following this account knows that this is the fourth time we've moved this year, and finally we have come to rest in this place - filled with reflected light from the Loire river which runs on the other side of the road, with a church steeple bell which rings the hours outside our bedroom. It feels perfect here. • Before I get back into putting up textiles for sale I wanted to say thank you to all my readers and customers so far. This year has been one of the hardest and at the same time one of the most amazing and liberating of my life. It almost knocked me aside, but getting through it in one piece, I feel exalted. Last night I pulled my shopping trolley through the rainy streets back and forth between the old and new apartments (we still have no car, and I am apprehensive about driving on this side of the road), moving out the last few armloads of stuff (read, textiles!). It was hard, heavy, damp work, which took me several hours, but as I was doing it I thought – we made it, we made a life in a new country. We manifested it. It was, and is, very hard work and lots of parts of it are not especially glamorous, they are certainly not insta-material. But we've done it. • A lot of my sense of balance and stability and connection during this time has come from you people – readers of this account, people who share my textile obsessions, people who buy my finds. I really want to thank you. Your support allowed me to find something meaningful to do which connected me with my new community and contributed to the not-insignificant costs of starting afresh in a new country. You allowed me to work with my toddler by my side, when we had nowhere else to put him. You helped me find my feet here. And having this account and other people to talk to has been a huge support on the days where I just felt like hiding under the blankets and never facing the strange world outside ever again. I often feel cynical about social-media-world, and there is a lot to be cynical about. But I'm not about this. Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!!

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