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\\ Meu menino do sorriso mais lindo 🍃💕 💫 pabllovittar 💫

28 1 Apr 24, 2018

#topsofftuesday I’ve been working hard in the gym this week... hopefully I’ll see some results next month. 🧐 #beardsofinstagram #beardedbrother #beardedbrute

13 2 Apr 24, 2018

Beause I like yøu, this ain't før the best and my reputatiøn's never been wørse, sø yøu must like me før me, I want yøu, we can't make any prømises nøw, can we, babe? . |📷Picture frøm: kymkuhlman |📸Phøtøgraphy: jeromesussiauphotographie |👬Cøuple: kymkuhlman & jordanlipes |🎤Singer: taylorswift |🎶Søng: Delicate (Reputatiøn) . ========================================= 👬 😋 Add me to your favourite list !!! 🙆 star_gay01

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