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It's official! Today Ed and I finally moved in together. I don't think I've ever felt so excited about anything in my life. Cheers to new beginnings with the sweetest, friendliest, hardest working guy I know! 🥂

624 51 Jan 16, 2018

I’ll take you to the cleaners | I’ll empty out your soul

99 6 Jan 16, 2018

#Japanese #skewers for everyone! Have you ever tried one from kintarotoronto? Tehy #grill them over a bed of charcoal and promise to have something that will keep everyone satisfied. . . . Photo credit: kyleliangg #churchwellesley #Toronto #lgbtq #onelove #foodlover #thevillageto #gaytoronto #japanesefood #DineTO #yyz #supportlocal #dinelocal

37 0 Jan 16, 2018

This Saturday we’re celebrating our lovely Queen of creativity donnarama_versace I’m so happy to be invited to be part of your show this Saturday elconventorico. Come out Everyone it’s going to be one epic night you do not want to miss. So many fabulous Queens 🎉🎂❤️😘👸 Let’s Party!

18 1 Jan 16, 2018

Things are shaping up. #newbeginnings

99 6 Jan 16, 2018

#mcm not sure who he is. I’ve been looking at pix of hot guys to get inspiration to get in shape and came across this guy!😍❤️ #futurebabydaddy #futureexhusband

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