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💛 GIVEAWAY!! 💛 To enter you just need to: . TAG 2 friends on this post . Follow uraveofficial 🎉💜 . Winner will be selected and messaged within 12 hours 💃 GOOD LUCK!!! . . To check out the rest of their hoodie range click the link in mine or uraveofficial bio 🎧

11 1 May 21, 2018

New large hearts in the shop including this large super puffy quartz heart. Can you see the rainbows?💫🌈✨ .

21 1 May 21, 2018

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2 2 May 21, 2018

Tonight let’s talk about #panicdisorder and #panicattacks. Someone suffering from this form of anxiety may experience a sudden onset of frightening mental and physical symptoms that can leave them even more distraught and create a cycle of stress, panic, and anxiety. Once again, women are twice as likely to suffer from this disorder, which often leads to avoidance of situations in which the sufferer believes they may have a panic attack and again, creates a negative feedback loop. Luckily, panic disorder is COMPLETELY TREATABLE with therapy, medication, and lifestyle of home remedies. If you think you may be experiencing panic disorder, talk to someone about it! You are not alone 🖤

0 1 May 21, 2018

Oops! Forgot one. This is a gorgeous A grade smoky point from Madagascar and let me tell you, this baby is GORGEOUS. Comment “sold” to purchase 💕 (price is on the sticker, usually at the end of each video!) . . . Shipping for this piece is $8 within the US. Please note that shipping can almost always be combined somewhat, if not fully, depending on the size and weight of the items purchased. Please DM me for international shipping rates . ⭐️PLEASE NOTE⭐️ If you comment "sold" on the photo overnight, I may not see your comment. Instagram only lets you see so much activity and sometimes comments get pushed out. Please DM me if you are a night owl buyer or in an international time zone 😉 . . . #popular #crystals #instagood #purple #beautiful #crystallove #gemstones #gems #amethyst #labradorite #crystalball #happy #love #crystalpoint #crystallove #crystalshop #gemshop #smoky #quartz #yoga #yogaeverydamnday

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