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21 1 Sep 23, 2018

nowandgen on Instagram story Kids ‘N’ officialkaleo! - Tom, Shep & a friend hangin out with JJ of Kaleo! All sitting shirtless with PJ bottoms on, at the top of the stairs! Wonder if they’re all friends! Cute little bellies squished up, from sitting down! Sheppy sits with his legs stretched out- and his little tootsies straight out! Then- Tom sits normal with his legs curled! Tom is so adorable his hair‘s a dark mop and his little face looks confused! Sheppy is waving, and his hair has light and dark in it and looks so pretty! It looks like fun hanging out with him! I love Sheppy’s striped PJ’s, and Tom’s with a bunch of different bugs on them! They look so grown up in this! Tom’s hair is dark, and looks red again! I adore Sheppy’s little belly rolls—and Tom’s tummy! They’re so damn adorable!! Waving at the camera is so cute, they’re adorable! They’ve become their own people lately, but Sheppy looks a lot like his Mama! And Tom a lot like Jared in this again! They keep going back and forth! Happy weekend to Jared, Gen, Tom, Shep & Odette I hope it’s been a good one! The boys gettin a break from school again and being able to see Kaleo! Since I’ve been doing a lot of QOTD’s have you guys ever met any famous singers? I got to meet Ariana Grande at Disneyland years ago, when she was on Nickelodeon. It was amazing! Let me know below! 🌈 #genpadalecki #odettepadalecki #thomaspadalecki #shepherdpadalecki #padaleckikids #jaredpadalecki #sheppadalecki #genevievepadalecki #tomandshep #tompadalecki #padababies #odetteelliott #spnkids #supernaturalkiddos #samwinchester #supernatural #austinshepherdpadalecki #thomascoltonpadalecki #padababy #supernatural #supernaturalkids #cwspn #daddydaughter #padaleckifamily #padaleckibabies #brothersister #familyfun #padababy #padalecki #cw #supernaturalbabies (via nowandgen on IG story)

182 1 Sep 23, 2018

we stan bad ass women [ collab padackleser 💘] ac. padackleser lets just pretend I remembered to crop the end. 💀 #supernatural #danneelackles #genevievepadalecki #madelainepetsch #ninadobrev #thevampirediaries #riverdale

34 8 Sep 23, 2018

badass womanz {collab w fav jacksklines}

43 8 Sep 23, 2018

i deleted my last video caus eit was ukly

21 3 Sep 23, 2018

get ready

31 1 Sep 23, 2018

❤️❤️❤️ jensenackles #spnfamily

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