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Festival season is upon us, so #GetYourGrazia and find your make-up muse 💄🎨 🎪 🖍

34 0 May 31, 2016

This week's issue = a corker. What are you waiting for? #getyourgrazia

20 0 Dec 8, 2016

This week’s Grazia in emoji form: 😍💖🎉💥👊🏼😎👖💅🏼👠🌈🎠 #getyourgrazia

69 2 Oct 5, 2017

Repost from fanjam_concepts using RepostRegramApp - 🆕🆕🆕Get your copy! our DJ R djretief featured in the lastest issue of graziasamag Photographer bianca_theron Fashion nonkuthaloxthithi #thegentleman #FanJamMod #editorial #malemodel #dapper #blackandwhite #fashion #style #fashionphotography #graziaman #getyourgrazia

156 1 Jun 3, 2016

Milan Backstage Reporter #GetYourGrazia #MFW

30 0 Mar 8, 2016

🆕🆕🆕Get your copy! our DJ R djretief featured in the lastest issue of graziasamag Photographer bianca_theron Fashion nonkuthaloxthithi #thegentleman #FanJamMod #editorial #malemodel #dapper #blackandwhite #fashion #style #fashionphotography #graziaman #getyourgrazia

61 0 Jun 3, 2016

The thought of giving up moisturiser probably sounds almost as horrifying as the idea of throwing away your toothbrush, but in this week’s graziauk I’m talking about why weaning yourself off a ‘pot habit’ is actually the route to great skin...✨✨✨Sidenote: I got ID’d on Tuesday trying to buy a bottle of port, of all things (surely the most middle-aged of beverages) so I’m taking that as proof that ditching moisturiser is the way forward! 😂

148 24 Dec 7, 2017

My piece in today's graziauk on the small-batch beauty brands shaking up the industry... #GetYourGrazia

47 15 Mar 8, 2016

The Grazia gif that keeps on giving. 💖💥😍 #getyourgrazia

50 0 Aug 30, 2017

I arrived at graziauk not knowing what beauty journalism was, let alone what a bloody serum did. I leave two years later with some unforgettable experiences, a few extra pounds, and a half decent beauty brain. Forever grateful for having the opportunity to work with uber talented people on a magazine I truly love and believe in. Thanks for taking a whopping great chance on me roseharrietbeer, and to everyone else for the love and lols. #GetYourGrazia #Fatzia

329 37 Sep 19, 2017

Sign up for Sunday school! 📝My feature in this week’s graziauk on why you should leave the laundry ‘til later and dedicate Sundays to beauty maintenance. Looks into whether hair masks are just gloopier versions of your basic conditioner (short answer: most are but the best are not), and shows how to do the ultimate DIY facial and how to deal with week ahead dread! 😫💅💁✨Thankyou roseharrietbeer for the commission!

107 14 Dec 3, 2017

Another little gem... amlybotanicals do a Digital Detox face mist which, if you're reading this, your skin probably needs 😉 #GetYourGrazia 📷: david_marquez_photography

52 6 Mar 8, 2016

There's a new graziauk column out! About The Sexy Geek. And this is a photo of said Sexy Geek, reading what I wrote about him. Being a dating columnist is weird. #laurajanewouldliketomeet (if you wanna play catch up, the link to my first date with homeboy here is in my profile!) #getyourgrazia

156 15 Dec 7, 2016

Make for the mountains and #GetYourGrazia en route ❄️⛷💪🏼

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