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꒰ day 81 of 365 ꒱ i am jealous. i am jealous of the sun and how it gets to touch upon your skin, warming every bit of tan it dashes across. i am jealous of the fabric that wraps itself to the curves and dips of your being, becoming your perfect companion. i am jealous of the moon, of how it gets to bask in your raw notes that slowdance along the stars. i am jealous of the angels that snuggle within the dips of your collarbones and curves of your shoulders, their delicate hands building the wings to soon carry you where you are supposed to go. what i am not jealous of, though, is the utter tranquility all of them bring you — for that is what i thank of them. r to jk #정엘2018

35 8 Mar 23, 2018

gn to yall and ggukie and yoons , i have bunny teeth

68 4 Mar 23, 2018


65 1 Mar 22, 2018

im laughing WHY IS ROSS LYNCH lowkey HOT

79 8 Mar 22, 2018

tea is so trippy like when u smell it it seems reallh intense but when u taste its just water with more sent than taste

59 1 Mar 23, 2018

💌 to Tash - bangtanhitlist To my first ever mutual, world's most beautiful goddess also known as, simply, Tash. You are such a great person. I am so grateful for texting you, I will always be. You were so kind and amazing to me, and you've been here since the begining. I remember admiring you so much, I still do and that will never change, it doesn't matter if things won't be the same between us, which hopefully won't ever happen. You've been here for me for 1 month, and here's to many many more. I love you so so SO much!!!

27 6 Mar 22, 2018

For: Ri ❁ My dearest Ri (that's a nickname I know no need to attack me), I wanna begin with thanking you. Thank you for always being so honest and for always listening to my endless ranting. Thank you for trusting me and thank you for being the amazing person that you are. Thank you for being a brat when Rida calls me 'daisy', it always makes me laugh. Thank you for making me smile like an idiot when I'm reading your messages and thank you for loving and supporting me. Thank you for bearing with me and my mood swings. I will always be right here to give you endless support and love and I'm the ready-est to fight anyone who dares to make you feel bad. I love love love you with all my heart. Happy one month, headass 🐙

57 20 Mar 22, 2018

I just baked a chocolate cake for my ugly ass class they better choke on taht shit I love them

114 6 Mar 22, 2018

ive done my skincare routine guys !! it waa just like this kqjzal ( why do i feel soft over this )

625 6 Mar 23, 2018

I...I finally finished... why did this take 3 days? I’m mentally exhausted hahahahaha. Sorry Kookie, you will always be a struggle for me 😂 would just like to thank blueyedragon_ for genuinely believing in me and helping me finish this, your support means so much 😭. . . . . . #bts #jungkook #jeonjungkook #jeonjeongguk #gguk #kookie #maknae #timburton #timburtonstyle #digitalart #art #portrait #stylised #방탄소년단 #정국 #taehyung #jimin #yoongi #hoseok #namjoon #jin #taekook #namkook #yoonkook #jikook #btsfanart #fanart #kpop #kpopfanart

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60 4 Mar 23, 2018

i love his gumny smile

82 2 Mar 23, 2018

i suggested to wtach magic mike tomorrow in school it better BE

52 1 Mar 23, 2018

영원히 너는 나의 손을 놓지마 -민윤기

52 6 Mar 22, 2018

⊱ flowers for kook ⊰ iris: a message here is a little message for you, my love: there is a heart out there that beats to the flow of your name, it rides the rhythm of your notes and dances to the hitch of your song. there is a heart out there that you took refuge in, without even knowing so yourself, and the walls within it are lined with colors that scream the name of its love the name of you. there is a heart out there that climbed the most dangerous of mountains, just to dot your name in the snow and prove to itself that nothing can stand in the way of what it feels for you. there is a heart out there, bruised and bloodied, struggling to keep itself upright when the waves of the ocean crash into it. despite the anger of the currents, there still is hope that sparks in that little heart because within time, you would come to calm the sea of its reckless mischief. there is a heart out there that holds your hand gently, that tattooed you within it, and vowed to nurture the star you gave it from within your eyes. there is a heart out there that loves you in the purest sense. there is a heart out there that will never abandon you — for when all is too muddled and forgotten, remember that there is a heart out there that will support you for eternity in all its fragile glory. #꽃들for정국

52 2 Mar 23, 2018

Meet our Guides edible alien friends👽 #friendswithaliens #challengebadge #gguk #girlguiding #girlguides #ediblealiens

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