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Your vibe attracts your tribe.. be mindful of who you surround yourself with they help create your reality... Share love and support with all you do as a tribe... and remember to love yourself as much as they love you...

0 1 Apr 21, 2018


6 1 Apr 21, 2018

Noch ne runde laufen und das Leben genießen 😎 get outside and enjoy life #livingmybestlife #workout #fit #fitness #laufen #bestshapeofmylife #germanygirl #daslebenistschön #daslebengenießen #girlboss #myworld #fitspo

3 0 Apr 21, 2018

Vierde keer hardlopen deze week zit erop. Fijn om weer een doel en focus te hebben. En met het weer van afgelopen week en dit soort uitzichten is buiten sporten sowieso geen straf. 🏃🏻‍♀️ Fijn weekend! ☀️

8 1 Apr 21, 2018

When your whole freestyle poetic flow deletes & now this looks super raunchy. Why you buggin instagram ? Use code 420 at checkout . . . #♻️ good energy. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 #nonegativity #vibratehigher #attractmoney #positiveenergy #coachella #💰💰 #magicalgirls #girlpower #queens #hollywood #rollone #freethinker #instalove #dtla #beverlyhills #girlboss #makersgonnamake #marijuanawomen #marijuana420 #clickthelinkinmybio #laweed #loyaltyiseverything #weedgram #marijuanaporn #lawofattraction #happy420 #420queens #420💚

1 0 Apr 21, 2018

Today was a great day! HAPPY 4.20! Ate delicious food, had amazing company, hiked amongst redwoods, got boba, hung out in the Haight, and smoked the best weed the west coast had to offer. Thank goodness for legalization! ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

6 2 Apr 21, 2018

I’m always working ❣️ Up working on a layout for a client 🧡💛 #webdesignsbydinah #dinahdidit #webdesign #website #girlboss

2 0 Apr 21, 2018

✖️🖤✖️ You’re killin’ me smalls... 😍✌🏽🌱

0 1 Apr 21, 2018

🐚~PARADISO~🐚Shop our new mermaid inspired range now at🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬 original handmade designs using vintage gypsy trinkets, handmade tribal heishi and copper beads, cowrie shells and leather🙏

4 1 Apr 21, 2018

Those wknd vibes when you wanna workout & roll off the couch but end up staring at your feet for 10mins cuz they're all of a sudden SO interesting & then you dreaming about cupcakes and cookies hahaha - I'm only human and I get very lazy too but sometimes all it takes is to blast on your fave music & let it take you awaaaay. The only way to get where you wanna be is to DO IT! - Check out my insta story for an awesome couch/floor workout 👊 Literally only had thechainsmokers playing the whole time 🤘 #caliesquad

1 1 Apr 21, 2018

I AM... ✨ The two words that are constantly shaping our reality. ✨ What you say after these two words can be incredibly empowering or they can be reinforcing some old thought pattern that's not in alignment with who you really are and who you're becoming. ✨ Ask yourself daily: ✨ Who do I desire to be? ✨ What would that version of myself be saying to herself? ✨ What would she be thinking? ✨ What kind of people would she be hanging out with? ✨ How would she see herself? ✨ And what kind of actions would she be taking? ✨ Answer these questions honestly and start stepping into the greater version of yourself that you truly long to be in your life. ❤️ You are truly magical and can create anything you desire. ✨ Who do you truly desire to be? ✨ Start being thinking/speaking/acting as if you were already there now. ✨ Be in the energy of it already being your reality. ✨ I AM... Beautiful ✨ Amazing ✨ Loved ✨ Abundant ✨ Powerful ✨ Safe ✨ Guided ✨ Appreciated ✨ Peaceful ✨ Fun ❤️💎🦋🦄☺️✨⭐️ Now it's your turn... Comment below an I AM statement

5 2 Apr 21, 2018

Walking into the weekend like a #boss !💗👶🏻👛 #girlboss #thirtyone #futureconsultant #babyboss #teampinkpatrol

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