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Week 3 and the framing is up!!! So the HVAC needs more work which means more costs but I'm still smiling 😀 (on the outside at least) #keepsmiling - New clinic this November!! - #entrepreneurship #solopreneur #dreambig #justdoit #nevergiveup #godsplan

0 0 Sep 20, 2018

I'm just reminiscing on all the things God has done in my life so far and I know he has so much more for me! Let me tell you He made a way for me, I didn't achieve honors on my own capabilities. It was Gods grace that I did well. I will continue to put my trust and obey Him, because He is all knowing, all powerful and has a master plan to give me an abundant life! Don't be surprise when I'm the next supreme court justice! This girl going places!🙏🤗😉 #jesuschrist #growth #success #goals #Godsplan #purpose #childofGod #tbt #graduation #bachelorsdegree #honors #magnacumlaude

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Morning shake in hand and feeling good! Down a pound since Monday! *the camera adds 5 lbs so I’m not worried lmao! I’m not where I want to be but I will continue to work till I get there! It’s about have driving and heart to lead you the destinations you want to go in life. It takes time and plenty of failures to get to the maximum place you desire. Just gotta keep pushing and don’t let anyone get in your way! Including yourself and self doubt. •Peace •Love •Self Worth

10 1 Sep 20, 2018

#kevita #kombucha had to go back to my fave today! Love your guts! #fitfoodie #fitlife #fueledonfaith #Godsplan #GodFirst #4AM #4HG

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Happy Friday Eve.... lol...Thursday gets no love... ) lets make it phenomenal!!!! Today I woke up remembering that at 9 am 8 years ago..September 20, 2010..... I packed up my car.. my bestie tiff494 joined me on a 22 hr road trip to Dallas Tx. It's my faithwalk anniversary today!!! Never thought in a million years I'd be living in Texas..but it totally grew me me out of my comfort zone..and I dont regret it at all... #riskymove #Godsplan #missUMaryland #marylandgirlInTexasworld

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💯ever since I can remember , I’ve always been #different because I AM #ORIGINAL most of you don’t know I’m a grump! But I’m learning to let go off this madness, you just don’t understand the pain I carry of the world , I wish you could see the world through my eyes and help me guide your life into a better path , but nothing is ever easy , I believe my purpose on earth is to make a change in this world so you can live a better life #godsplan #icareforyou #humanity #sustainableenergy #sustainableclothing

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Meet our Staff Thursday #most Meet Jackie, one of our wonderful counselors here at C.C.C. Help us show Jackie some love with #comments and #likes

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