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1 1 Jun 18, 2018

Okay so I’ve been contemplating on celibacy for a while now and I’ve prayed a million times about it (for the strength lol).. it’s literally been like the only thing on my mind soooo I’m trying something new because I believe it’s going to be an amazing journey! I’m really one of those people who believes that having sex with too many souls ties you to all those different people you’ve had sex with so you carry them all around with you and when you’re not physically with them you may start to feel lonely so I’m CELIBATE now and I’m super excited! My parents have been married for 30 years and love is an amazing thing to watch and be around! It’s hard not giving yourself up to somebody or waiting for the right person to come around! However, when it comes to what I believe in I believe that I should save myself and honestly I haven’t been doing that to the best of my ability! I have so much more to offer (all women do) than sex! I am going to struggle at times but the wait is totally going to be worth it! Marriage is such a special bond to have and I can not wait until the love of my life comes around and we go down on each other on our wedding night! #celibacy #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #healthcare #healthychoices #spirituality #godisgood #godsplan #godit #goddess

1 0 Jun 18, 2018

My guy forever! Greatest thing ill ever do is be a father. #Godsplan

1 0 Jun 18, 2018

Don’t want to damper anyone’s light .... . This ICONIC scene willsmith spoke to me in so many elements of my life. I never grew up with a dad. He never wanted to know me. But look at me now I’m thriving in my career. Staring in my first , Theater play where I talk about #REDEMPTION 🙏🏾passing thru the hard times & now rejoicing the GOOD LIFE ✨💎👸🏾🙏🏾 #janeekristina #madeit and I don’t need my father to make it. The lord came through like he always do & provide . Without my Lord I would’ve never ever made it 🙏🏾. . #greatful #godsavedme #mytestimony #willbeglorious #peaceofmind #happyfathersday G O D #Thankfultogod #godsplan #iamlovedbymany 🙏🏾 #janeekristina 🌟💛💎👸🏾🙏🏾

0 0 Jun 18, 2018

The Top Ten List Of Christian: - 🎬 - Movies 1. The Shack 2. The Case For Christ 3. Miracles From Heaven 4. Heaven Is For Real 5. Gifted Hands 6. Hacksaw Ridge 7. The Prince Of Egypt 8. Joseph King Of Dreams 9. The Passion Of The Christ 10. Soul Surfer - 🎵 - Songs 1. Tim McGraw & Faith Hill’s - Keep Your Eyes On Me 2. Jonathan McReynolds - Cycles 3. Hillsong Worship - What a Beautiful Name 4. I Surrender - Hillsong Worship 5. Jesus I Need You - Hillsong Worship 6. Break Every Chain - Jesus Culture 7. Tenth Avenue North - Control 8. The Prince Of Egypt - Deliver Us 9. Meredith Andrews - I Look To The King 10. Brian & Jenn Johnson - You’re Gonna Be Okay - 📔 - Books 1. Bible 2. Shama by Sarah Jubilee 3. The Shack Wm. Paul Young 4. Mere Christianity by C. S Lewis 5. Knowing GOD by J. I. Packer 6. The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel 7. Jubilee Sounding the awakening blast of the horn by Sarah Jubilee 8. The Living Gospel by Charles Paolino 9. Keep a Quiet Heart by Elisabeth Elliot 10. A Confident Heart Devotional by Renee Swope — These are all personal picks, you may prefer others. There are so many more 🙏🏼🙌🏼 — #jesuschrist #forgiveness #heal #jesusposts #bible #holyspirit #quotes #believer #bibleverses #saved #thelamb #grace #christian #broken #abba #repent #jesuschristislord #newaccount #onlyaboutlove #godsplan #godisgood #love #christ #lovequotes #soul #repentance #soulmindbody #lovejesus

3 0 Jun 18, 2018

I know more blessings coming I’m just be patient & humbled #moneythefocus #godsplan 🙏🏽‼️

5 1 Jun 18, 2018

When I heard or read that sentence for the first time, this "dying" was not a physical expression to me but a mental one, because I know well how that feels when I lose a bit of myself for someone who does not value me, but today I wanna be more important to me and let people go who don't want to stay. I don't want to lose myself, just so that someone else can stay and make me feel that I'm not enough or some other bullshit. And the important thing is to know, am I feeling unworthy or is this person pulling her dirty fingers into my wounds or in my unhealed parts or do they just simply ignore the fact that I'm on a difficult road, so that I feel more unworthy than I actually do? And when you find out, make room for people in life who see your unhealed parts and empower, encourage and value you, so you can better heal. Be aware of that. 💭 Everybody knows that feeling, when someone leaves us, hurts us or doesn't appreciate us, we sometimes lose a bit of ourselves or don't remember that we are absolutely worth loving and being valued, and we lose ourselves in it. Is it worth it? No one wants to "die" to be missed by others or just to let others understand how much worth another person is. Either they do it or they don't fucking do it. And if they don't, let them go in love, because the pain doesn't have to be permanent for you. You don't want to die for them. Your true self don't want to die for them. Don't let anything take away from you from people who have different values ​​or rules in life than you. It's okay and it's alright, but it's not okay if they make you feel unworthy and you know it's about them and not you. It's your job to love you, and when you love yourself, a part of it is having people in your life who do love you without and who appreciate you in your terms, if they can. You wouldn't want that someone hurt your beloved ones, then have the courage to stand up for yourself before you lose yourself for someone who has disappeared mentally and eventually physically a long time ago. Say good bye and hug yourself for a new welcome honey. 🌹 #selflove #lyrics #loveyourself #quotes #drake #godsplan #personalgrowth #higherself #vibing #spirituality

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