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That’s all over, Al assures me, stirring the ice in his vodka.Just say that Tuesday Weld is my favorite drink. Drink? Yeah, sometimes when I walk into a bar, I really throw the bartender by ordering a Tuesday Weld. It’s something I invented – a Brandy Alexander poured over an Oreo cookie. Tuesday and I used to laugh a lot about that. Tuesday Weld and Jill Clayburgh were but two of the actresses who spotted Al’s potential as an off-screen performer. "It’s amazing what a cloistered life I lead," Al says with a perfectly straight face. "I don’t go to many parties, and when I’m working, who is it that I meet? Actresses. Every time I get started with an actress, I say, ‘Hey, maybe we shouldn’t enter into this.’ Then I get that classic thing where they’ll say, ‘I’ll give up acting.’ And then I say, What the devil do you mean? Don’t give up anything for me. Al shakes his head and sighs, like one who has just had a close escape from domesticity. "What I’d really like to do is meet a sculptress. You don’t know any sculptresses, do you? I’ved lived with women since I was 16, and they all seem to have been actresses. Al Pacino talking to Guy Flatley for Los Angeles Times in 1973. Any sculptress here on alpacinofilmfestival ? If you know one, let them know 💕❤💓

175 3 Jul 23, 2018

Love these guys #hometown #goodoldays

6 0 Jul 23, 2018

Ever-ready n always prepared, bring it on #PHOTOSTROPHE #photography #photo #photographer #photoshoot #instagram #instaphotos #nikon #college #collegelife #goodoldays #tb #oldfriend Pc- vishv.winchester.deep In frame- its_aeonian

23 0 Jul 23, 2018

It's A Party feat.Zhané - Busta Rhymes #np #BackInTheDay #GoodOlDays #1996

7 0 Jul 23, 2018

Polaroid of me at 19 - funny seeing myself on a wall of people today in studio .. #goodoldays ❤️ merwelene

85 15 Jul 23, 2018

Wal-Mart is always good for a late-night chuckle 😂 Where tha f**k you find this shirt bro!? Lol #goodoldays #lifetimefreaks #freakscomeoutatnight

11 1 Jul 23, 2018

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16 1 Jul 23, 2018

I'm having fun.... Return me to my childhood days #stressedout #turnbacktime #goodoldays #regression #bigbaby #happymeals

62 0 Jul 23, 2018

I love the classics! What's on your playlist this week? #playlist #classics #olblueeyes #sinatra #sinatraera #jazz #feelinggod #goodoldays #atlast

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