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“When you shine your light, there will be those who try to dim it. Shine your light anyway. The world needs more light not more darkness.” CatherineGraceO 🔥 - Don’t be afraid to rock your own life. If you don’t, who will? - Is it time to shine your light? - #ForeverFierce #liketkit #LTKstyletip Shop your screenshot of this pic with the app

77 12 Aug 14, 2018

These origami dresses perfectly represent the potential that single-wear dresses have to earn money for us! Lease your dress out on Quaintrelle Dresses in three simple steps: 1. Login to your Quaintrelle Dresses Account. 2. Go to the “Lease My Dress” Tab under your account name. 3. Upload photos and a description of your dress. Lease your dress out today and help your closet reach its earning potential. #dress #quaintrelle #matricdance #prom #formal #rental #gorgeous #ball #gown #eveninggowns #gownspiration #dresses #classywomen #huisdans

16 0 Aug 14, 2018

Soooo I don’t know about you... But I have been LOVING the looks that luxurylaw has been putting together for celinedion. She’s out here looking like “How Stella got her groove back”. ———————————————————————————His eye for color, bold structure, texture and attention to detail are AMAZING. Swipe to see...

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