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Udah baca cerita jalan-jalan ke Amsterdam Palace di blog blom? Mampir ke link di bio dong 😁

94 4 Jul 19, 2018

Op een eindeloze zomer🚢❌❌❌

13 1 Jul 19, 2018

This practice keeps amazing me for 7 years. Again and again. I recently recovered from a flu and haven’t practiced for 2 weeks. I was a little worried about returning to the mat again. Thoughts about my stiff body were occupying my mind. And yes, my body felt tired and stiff, but I also experienced this calm energy after my practice which kept me vitalized throughout the day. I had totally forgotten how my body used to feel after practice. Grateful for the reminder. Picture by jan.arsenovic

50 3 Jul 18, 2018

Waterkant is such a cool spot in Amsterdam. Built under a parking garage, and perfect for those long warm summer nights.

46 2 Jul 19, 2018

In the storage/store

26 1 Jul 18, 2018

📌Amsterdam, Netherlands Quick, before the tram comes.

66 7 Jul 18, 2018

🔥⌚ROLEX⌚🔥 This will always be an amazing watch. The Rolex 1675 GMT Master. I love this piece, it is so beautiful😱😋. Thanks to amsterdamvintagewatches and jasper_lijfering for letting me wear this piece for the time being. I have said it 10x already. Visit amsterdamvintagewatches when you are in amsterdam! It is amazing to see their collection! Would you wear this piece? 👇 #rolex #rolexgmt #gmtmaster #gmt #1675 #rolex1675 #jubilee #vintagewatch #vintagerolex #amsterdamvintagewatches #avw #vintagewatchesofamsterdam #gramthedam #amsterdamvintagewatches #menstyle #vintagelifestyle #rolexpicture #watchpictures #watchpics #watchcommunity

39 0 Jul 19, 2018

Peekaaboo 🙈 amsterdamtoren

46 6 Jul 18, 2018

When will we welcome you?🌅🍃 Get a half hour for FREE with discount code INSTAGRAM (for 2.5+ hour bookings)!🛥🏙 #adamsboats

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