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#fullmoon #moon #moonmagick #harvestmoon #cornmoon #lettinggo #reapingwhatyousow #seeds #growth #change #transformation #equinox "what you let go of includes your harvest of lessons and experiences from relationships and events. It is important for you to honor the medicine of your personal harvest as you choose what to let go and what to fold into a new cycle." #blessedbe

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Make the choice to grab life by the neck and bend it to your will - Make the choice to not lay down and kiss the feet of mediocrity- Make the choice to not accept the mundane continuous loops of low expectations and low results - Make the choice to not accept average - Make the choice to be truly happy - - - - - #selfdevelopment #growth #mindset #wealth #success #liberty #leader #champ #1

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. . S - See your goal U - Understand the obstacles C - Create a positive mental picture C - Clear your mind of self-doubt E - Embrace all challenges S - Sacrifice free time S - Show the world you can do it F - Feed your focus U - Utilize all opportunities L - Learn from all failures

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👉🏻If we don’t feel like moving or doing anything. Do something to drastically change your physiology (go for a walk, do push-ups, change your breathing, run as fast as you can for 30 seconds, etc.). MOTION CREATES EMOTION If you feel me, show me some 🔥🔥🔥 in the comments. #letsgetfiredup🔥

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I would like to sincerely thank each of you for attending our Brunch this past weekend. Thank you arastyle_academy for being an excellent host. Thank you legalsolutionswithtosin for the well prepared and delivered points. We are working on them. To our amazing vendors indulgefoodsng orezhair and vivalaglam_naturals thank you for your support. To sherrcakes for the yummy chops. To the amazing ladies priscilia_amadi brown_shuga3 thevirtualaidservices the_posh_iyaloja blackisurgirl_ iamzayzee colourmyfeet for your support, encouragement and love, I say thank you. To maxphilip50 our photographer, we say thank you. #WomenSupportingWomen #brunchandlearn #businessBrunch #womenwhohustle #womeninbizness #womenwhowin #growth #growthmindset #goals #femalentrepreneur #strongwomen #momprenuer #momsinbusiness #momprenuer #naijawomen #naijabusiness #naijabrands #networking #businesswoman

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Day 7, hour 7. This is not an easy truth. Never pay a compliment that gets in the way of someone’s future progress. #15days5hours #growth

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I got back to blogging. I think it’s been about a year exactly. 🥀 This one is all about my story and how I’m dealing with my most recent toxic relationship. How it turned out to be one and I had no idea until i started feeling alive when I got out of there. 🦋 I'm hoping sharing this might help you cutting ties with your own toxic relationship or even realise that you're in one and that you're not alone. This is much more common that we think and we have to remember this is no one's fault. Sometimes bad things happen and there's no one to blame and that's okay. If you're used to give and give and feel empty and exhausted, this might be the sign that it's time to get out. I know it's hard, I know it's extremely scary, like jumping in the unknown. But you'll never move on or feel better if you don't try. Don't be a victim of your circumstances. So please, take care of yourself. Talk to a close friend, a family member or someone you can trust and get support. Don't do it alone but do it. ✨ You can start over. It's fucking difficult but so worth it. If you want to read the full article, link will be in my bio ⬆️ It is raw and real and me being fully vulnerable. Thank you for respecting my feelings 🙏🏻

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