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Sacrifice a few years of partying and having fun for decades of freedom 😎😎😎 . . . #mindsetiseverything #growthmindset #millionairemindset #like4like #likeforlike #work #workhard #playhard #success #mindset #successquotes #successclub #tips #workhardplayharder #workhardpaysoff #workaholics 📸 risebeyond.fam

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Yes, really everyone. Even with a lot of money, a new company and enterpreneur starts at zero. Nobody is waiting for you and your product. So don't expect a red carpet but a lot of work. But nobody has an advantage - keep that in mind.

4 1 Dec 18, 2017

Do you agree? Comment Yes if you do. #loveyourselffirst #growthmindset . ➖➖➖➖➖ Follow instaveea

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#HealthTips #GrowthMindset : #StayEnergized | Take a walk | Get enough sleep | Listen to music | Have a healthy lunch

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A great treasure is in danger. Each year 200 000 caribous migrate by covering 3000 miles to reach this wildlife refuge in Alaska. But there is a tax bill which if approved by US congress would allow oil drilling and destroy this untouched beautiful place. --- Watch with sound 👍 --- Repost from natgeo florianschulzvisuals . ---

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Regret is certainly one of the worst pains in the world. What’s terrible is, you can’t really understand the precise magnitude of the regret until the cause of it actually happens...and then what!? Regret (at it’s core) represents a total missed opportunity...and usually, if you regret something, it’s because you’ve actually come to the realization you’ll never quite have the same opportunity again...and the only choice you have, is to deal with that very harsh reality. In the end, it’s probably a good thing for you to try and live your life without any regrets at all. Otherwise, regret will absolutely eat you alive.

3 1 Dec 18, 2017

🔅To succeed in the #cryptocurrency game, it's imperative that you switch to an 💰 #ABUNDANCE 💰 Mindset 🔆 If you've struggled financially all your life, I know it can be challenging to visualize the wealth you desire, but I promise fear and doubt will not serve you. Has it ever? It's time to reprogram your thoughts. Begin visualizing the life you deserve, take action and STAY EXCITED! Those who believe this movement is "too good to be true" will be left behind. Don't let that person be you! Choose Faith. Choose Courage. Choose to invest in #Crypto ! Reach out to me and expect authenticity and integrity 💪🏽💸💰🔥💰💸💪🏽

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188 Tell everybody what your plan is to be happy. Tell them how it's going to change your life and how it can change theirs too. *Key note* Ignore the naysayers. There are people that will tell you that plan won’t work for one reason or another. Don’t listen to them! Stick to your plan, adapt if YOU feel it’s necessary, and continue to share your success with others!

8 1 Dec 18, 2017

#inspirationalquotes #success #happiness #cartoon #bunny #mindset #growthmindset #caroldweck "Success is about being your best self, not being better than others"-- Dr. Carol Dweck's book about mindsets inspired me to pick up my long-abandoned hobby of drawing. I don't need to be a great cartoonist to start pursuing my interest in drawing, as long as I enjoy it and get better at it each day.

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Actual footage of my bank account. Unfortunately the coloured coins aren’t even Australian 😂😂 #entrepreneurlife #bootstrapping

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Test it out! For the following day... be very conscious about choices you make and even before you make them... think a little bit of predictable consequences they will create. We can predict certain outcomes, because life is built on logical bases. ♦ I can predict that if for the next week I will go to gym, my muscles will become a little bit bigger. The exact muscle groups I train will become bigger the size will depend of my input of that "process". ♦ I can predict, If I spend at least 2 hours a day building my business and build the pr-eplaned strategy that will give results which will lead to money; I will make money. ♦ I can predict, if for the next week, I will go sleep early, eat nutritional rich foods, spare time to exercise, drink plenty clean water, have a great positive mental attitude towards life and don do other shit that hinders my health; I will have better, healthier conditioning within my body and so feel on the outside --great. ♦ I can predict, If I choose to play certain game and as long as I play it and do something in it, I will PROGRESS in that game. The game I choose to play will be the game I will progress at. I can predict those things, because life is built on logical bases. And of course, I can predict the opposite as well. Like there is no magic or suprises. We maybe don't know--are not aware--how thing work from logical bases in relationship with each other, but we will experience the consequnce no matter what. Make you choices wisely. They create/shape your future.😉✌😉👊 To your ultimate success! Like if you agree. Follow success_warrior for daily motivation, inspiration and education. Feel free to share my pictures wherever you want.

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Life moves you in so many directions at times that you may find yourself trying to get your footing. Sometimes it takes a moment to really be present. To be connected to God. To know who you are and to listen to that inner voice that guides you. Don't get too caught up in the world that you forget your place and what you have been called to do. What makes you happy? What have you been doing that has caused a detour? Was it a detour? Or was it all part of growing and learning new lessons that are necessary for your mission. Refocus and self reflect. When you are in that place of silence and stillness, listen to the voice that is clear. You already know the answer to all the questions you continuously ask yourself. Although you may be fearful of the unknown, sometimes thats all it takes a little courage to move forward in the direction you know was ordained for you. Feel the fear and step out on faith. Happiness is a decision. What do you choose? #nowgrowfromthat #peace #stillness #reflection #purpose #Godisgood #trustthepprocess #trustGod #growthseason #growthmindset #succesatips #success #successquotes #songwriters #entrepreneur #inventors #creatives #create #focus #gotime #youmatter #empaths #consciousness #awakening #calling #spirituality #gifts #nuturers #forthesensitive

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It’s in being purposeful, proactive and disciplined with healthy habits that you keep moving forward, respond instead of react and create your ideal self - in the good, the challenging and the in-between times.

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