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2 1 Jul 18, 2018

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Feeling so incredibly blessed + grateful today.💓✨ my clients + my talks with them LIGHT ME UP. . Got to get in a good sweat session and move this body of mine. RIP to my legs that were STILL sore from Friday, that I chose to put through a DIFFICULT spin session, lol.😭🚴🏽‍♀️ ok anyways... . I was doing a check in call with one of my coaching clients today and we were speaking about how easy it is to let overwhelm take over, and when we mess up one thing..we use that as an excuse to just “screw it” and mess everything else up too. NO NO NO.❌I’m so guilty of this too. You know when you have it on your to-do list that you’re gonna wake up early + workout and then slay the rest of the to-do list? But then you sleep in 4 hours past your alarm and skip your workout and pre-determine it’s “just a bad day”?😅 #guilty I challenged her, and myself, to instead be like “okey dokey, dropped the ball on that one...onto the next”, laugh a little and keep going. We ain’t gettin anywhere by throwing lil pity parties for our tiny mess-ups.👏🏼 PUT YO BIG GIRL PANTIES ON.👙 . Keep it up, sister.💕💅🏼Even if you didn’t even accomplish one thing on your to-do made it out alive and that’s just the best dang thing we can do sometimes...👏🏼 . #motivation #fitnesscoach #onlinecoach #entrepreneur #lifestyle #weightloss #90degreebyreflex #activewear #fashion #gymgirls #mindset #positivethinking #happysoul #healthyhabits #bebetter #thinkbetter

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Stunner 💥🔥 📸 mike.fx bossgirlstv

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