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My boyfriend, my bestfriend was diagnosed with cancer about 2 weeks ago. As heartbreaking as that is to hear, he not once let the unimaginable consume him. I’ve NEVER seen anyone as strong as him take on such a huge challenge and not let it set him back in any way. He used this as an opportunity to grow mentally and share this with others. He has made me stronger just watching him throughout this entire process handling it so well each day. Not once did he let his mindset stray away from anything other than positivity. Still killing it in the gym and not making up ANY excuses why he can’t do something. After going through surgery and finding out that it went really well, words can not describe how relieved and overcome with happiness me, his family, and so many others felt. This just goes to show you how precious life really is. What an absolute INSPIRATION JD is and I couldn’t be anymore happier, lucky, and blessed I am to have you in my life. There are literally NO excuses to anything in life and you have shown me that ❤️ • • • • • #godisgood #inspiration #fit #girlswholift #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #gymmotivation #fitnessgirl #fitgirls #fitness #fitcouple #workoutmotivation #workout #gym #gymtime #npcbikini #npc #focus #staystrong #stayfit #positivevibes #nutrition #nutritionist #eatright #eatclean

11 1 Jun 23, 2018

Teamsamling med teamjegliker 🌸 koslig å se alle sammen igjen, foredrag, posering og kjempe bra resultater på alle mann! Motiverer meg så 💪🏻😍 så fikk snikt inn en overkropps økt mellom slagene 🙌🏻🌟 ha en super lørdag folkens 😘 #gymshark #bulking #bodybuilding #happy #bulkingseason #buldingmuscle #teamjeglikerfadder #bodyfitness #bodypositive #bikinifitness #offseason #improvement #improvementseason #dedication #determination #love #girlswholift #gymsharkwomen #fitspo #fitness #fitnesslife #fitnesslife #fitnesslife #fitnessgirl

17 1 Jun 23, 2018

Suns out quads out 🌞⠀ ⠀ Today I’m going to be collecting my new glasses (eee) and then making the most of my first free weekend in a while relaxing outside, working on my tan and BBQ-ing with some pals later ☺️🙌🏻⠀ ⠀ Hope you have a fab day 🌸

54 4 Jun 23, 2018


11 2 Jun 23, 2018

Getting it in this Saturday morning, perfect time when nobody else want to workout! • All sorts of content on our website 📲 link in bio 😍

23 1 Jun 23, 2018

Klar for trening 👌

11 1 Jun 23, 2018


32 2 Jun 23, 2018

I’m living up to my dream, call me Ray Rice💪🏿🙌🏿These girls aren’t what they seem 👥😈😍🔥in these HollyWood lights ✨🌙🌔Girl you a winner... So I have to think twice, we like cat in mouse, call it mice 🐭💞

3 1 Jun 23, 2018

I’ve come to a limit where I feel that I won’t stay quiet if I get treated bad. Today that limit got crossed and unfortunatly I didn’t get my right words spoken. I was training weightlifting at the gym as usually in a room where we’re allowed to train weightlifting due the neighbours in the same building. I’m allowed to train weightlifting there like anyone else. Suddenly a man appears of nowhere when I’m doing C&J and tells me to stop what I’m doing because it’s crazy! I’m like excuse me, can you explain to me where the Olympic lifts are considered crazy, by what means and how? He said that I stamp to hard on the ground when I do split, that I’m throwing the weight down and are too loud which disturb his training. That what I’m doing is clown training literally, that the weight seem to be too heavy and that’s why I let it go from above my head (lol try it yourself and we’ll see). I was totally speechless, because not only did he judge my training style but he said I was totally out of my head because of my training style? I tried to explain to him and asked why he approached me in such an awful way and that I could show him a video of Olympic lifts and how it’s done, but he didn’t wanna listen but ignored me. I told him he shouldn’t say something if it ain’t positive but he had the urge to do that, in a fking gym with loud music and everybody else making noises, I was the one that he REALLY NEEDED to tell off. I wouldn’t be telling the truth that it didn’t affect me because it did, I’m a person that tries to understand others in every aspect and try to explain when they don’t understand, BUT when someone insult me in such way, I won’t back off. It has happened before that I’ve got told when I’m not doing anything wrong, because people judge without facts and that’s how the world is, everybody won’t like you, however I don’t think it’s okay to insult someone because of that. I’m not writing this to put out someone but to relieve my stress and that I shouldn’t get affected by it, because I won’t ever again. Next time, I’ll just tell them ”Is that so? That must suck for you, bye” and not forget to tell them I’m a future lawyer.

21 3 Jun 23, 2018

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams 👌 Please follow me: - gymgirl_0008

15 2 Jun 23, 2018

Long Sleep After Working Out 💤 #gym #gymlife #gymsharkwomen #gymmotivation #tanning #tan #sleep #sleepy #sleepover

10 2 Jun 23, 2018

Purvottanasana.. means intense eastward facing stretch. In Upward Plank Pose we drawn on the strength of the core,leg and muscles as well as the support of the shoulders beneath the heart. Yoga Everyday Everywhere ☺️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fitnesschallege Please follow me: - gym_90909

10 2 Jun 23, 2018

Back at the gym today after a week off, fair to say I’ve lost some muscle 🙁. So my aim for next week is to go as much as I can, feeling settled into my new job and I love it there! And I’ve proved to myself I can do it! . . . . #gym #saturdaysession #weekoff #backatit #newjob #proven #workhard #hustlehard #playharder #🍑 #gains💪 #legday #bhliveactive #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #womenempowerment #womenworkharder

15 1 Jun 23, 2018

Curd rice !!! ____ One of the most easier and healthy meal !!! _____ Benefits include:- It is best home remedy for an upset stomach and is easy to digest ... ➡️ It prevents bloating and indigestion ... ➡️ It act as stress buster as it contains antibiotics and probiotics which helps to overcome stress ... ➡️ Boosts immunity:- As it is rich in antibiotics that gives body power to fight against various infection... ➡️It help to control body heat and maintain internal body temperature.. ➡️ A bowl of curd rice can be eaten for weight loss process also, as it has less calories when compared with fried rice or pulao... ______________________________________________ P.S:- Eat healthy , Stay fit , Stay happy !!! _________________ #healthy #healthychoices #healthymind #healthybody #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #fitnessgirl #blogger #fitnessenthusiast #fitnessblogger #fitnesslife #gym #gymgirl #gymmotivation #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #gymtime #gymlife #gymaddict #healthyaddictionisgym

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